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Double Date contest:
Me and Baekhyun with @nyamnyam and Chanyeol.

We'll spend the afternoon with the boys and party it up at a noraebang! Chanyeol will be showing off his rapping skills and Baekhyun will be singing his heart out in some ballads. We would probably be dancing most of the time, given that we aren't the greatest singers... but we would join in to some fun/cheesy songs. ^^

And at the end of the day we would get missed calls from Kris and Lay asking us where we have been all day! Lool. xD


Wrote two years ago
haha, lol at last part! Amazing set:)

Wrote two years ago
rofl!! Hahaha that last part! Amazing date

Wrote two years ago
i was like : oh it sounds so fun! Chanyeol singing ballad and all xD
then I read the last part and rolled like a buffalo ;D

Wrote two years ago
Hahaha! I love the last part! Poor boys are going to be waiting around the dorm not knowing what to do :D
Sounds like a fun date :)

Wrote two years ago
Omo!!! such a lovely paradise together ,might be makes the atmosphere happy noisy~.. !!
i setting my Kai already haha<333
Btw,Good morning :)))