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Meili Sun // Girls With Wings

☆ Saturday : First Challenge - In lieu of us being in Hawaii, design a look for your gal on a gorgeous beach shoot perfect for the Maui sands, and the VS Swim catalogue, of course! Good luck! 

Explanation: Meili doesn’t usually do a lot of sexy shoots for VS, so this would be something different for her. A black bikini with a simple bottom, but up top is a zipper top with thick straps. A gold bracelet and the addition of an animal print multi-use wrap tied up in her hair would add spunk to the outfit. The wrap would be the main point of the shoot, and throughout the day she would shoot with it in her hair, tied around her waist as a skirt, tied like a dress, and wrapped around her shoulders.


The camera stopped flashing long enough for two hairstylists to jump into the shot. One began back-combing a few sections of my hair and the other sprayed pieces with whatever it was that they were using to make my hair so beach-y. A second later a makeup artist was brushing more blush across my cheeks.

“Not so much!” a voice called out. “She looks plenty flushed enough.”

I hoped that wasn’t a commentary on my performance. This was my first time shooting swimwear, after all, and I was excited to show the brand that I could branch out into their other forums. When I’d arrived on set to find a striking black bikini with my name tagged to it I was thrilled. No ruffles. No pink-and-white stripes. This was something different. A chance to show some versatility.

“It’s nice to do something different, isn’t it?” one of the hairstylists asked as she tugged a bit too hard on a strand of my hair.

I avoided wincing and nodded just slightly – trying not to disturb the man smearing nude lip gloss on my lips. 

“Okay, okay, scatter.” 

Suddenly I was alone in the shot, meaning it was time for me to start making some choices. I tucked a leg under myself and sat crisscrossed in the sand, setting my hands behind me and smiling wide. 

“Try to be a little less cute.”

I nodded, flipping some hair over my shoulder and trying to make my face sultrier. I could feel myself failing. The camera clicked a few more times. I stretched my legs out to the side, rubbing my left foot against my right calve. 

There was a sigh. “Okay, maybe go back to being cute.”

I could feel my cheeks reddening. What was I going to do?

“Could I try standing up again?”

I was acknowledged with a nod, and so I stood back up, leaving the sand clinging to my legs. I stared dead on into the camera and tried to think about what it meant to be sexy. In a daring moment I moved my thumb to my mouth and bit down on the nail. 

“Yes, yes, love it Mei!”

I held the pose for a few more shots then broke out into a smile. There, maybe that would show them. I pictured the shot in the catalogue, the catalogue on the execs desks, the smiles on their faces. They would be impressed, I just knew it!

[I was late getting my intro up, so my stories will be better once I have some relationships and storylines going]
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