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So tonight I have got a relaxing dare for all of you! I know Mondays can feel like a drag and stress you out but my dare might help with that:) I dare you to: BE COZY!!!!! (if your in college I'm not sure you would want to because it is more proper in different colleges like, mine.) But if you in school go for it! Wear sweat pants to school with a super cozy sweater and top that off with another cozy sweater that ties up! Also if school allows it try a hat! Then sum op your awesome Monday cozy outfit with uggs or bear paws! And If you don't know what to do with hair and make-up. Well, keep the hair in a bun (not if your wearing a hat) or pigtails or just down and curl it! The make-up, since your outfit is not very fancy(LOL not fancy at ALL) you don't want to look like your face is going to a ball and your outfit says I'm tired and cozy today so, I would say go lighter on the make up. Nothing heaver than the picture in the demo. Well, tonight I'm gonna be up late on my lap top and be drinking some camille tea:) OH! For the morning make yourself a mug of hot coco for the car! Hope you have fun! I DARE you! 
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