Happy For Today~The Starkins
A band that is, well, quite underground. They're pretty amazing, though, and very attractive. Did I mention they're from England?.. thestarkins.com
Before I start: Quite a lot's happened, and is happening. But I really want to do this, so the update'll just have to come later. ANYWHO:
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1. Name
Abigail. Or Abby. Or Abs. Or Abby-Cadabby. Whatever's your cup of tea, quite honestly, as long as it's not rude and mean, love.
2. Something not many people know about you
Hmm.. I guess that I'm an aunty, even though I'm a fresh. Or does that sound too mature, aunty? Whatever. And no, not from my younger sister, you soap-opera-drama-seekers I have two half sisters that are QUITE older.

3. What you're eating/drinking right now
I just finished dinner.. so, I guess, steak, beans&spinach soup, rice, and water. What am I craving, though? A nice, hot cup of tea and a handful or two of meringues.
4. Your favourite piece of jewelry or clothing 
I have lots, but I am currently OBSESSED with my bowler hat from Forever 21. It's perfection, in the form of a hat.
5. Your current desktop background 
It's actually going through the phase of "what-should-I-make-it?!", aha. It used to be a picture that said "There is beauty in simplicity," but I am now deciding on either a danisnotonfire screenshot (either http://i46.tinypic.com/2823n03.png or something like this http://i45.tinypic.com/eg4wg2.png) OR a picture of my friends and I. Decisions, decisions..
6. Your favourite poster on your wall
I actually have no posters on my walls, due to my parents wanting me to not damage the paint. I do have a poster of a puppy, though.. Aha, anyway, I guess that I'd have to say this tiny painting that I have downstairs that my parents bought me, though, because that kind of counts? It's a scenery painting, I believe acrylic on canvas, and it's an island beach, if I'm not mistaken. Very pretty, reminds me a bit of a more modern Monet.

7. Your favourite thing you own
Technology and childhood items aside, I'd have to say my sketches and writings, which are in various discarded notebooks in my room, sad to say.
8. Your favourite CD and/or DVD
Physical CD: Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster
iTunes CD: Young the Giant, Young the Giant (Special Edition)
DVD: The Clique, hands down. I am in LOVE with all things Lisi Harrison.
9. Last person you talked to
My lovely monkey-friend, Julia.
10. What so you think is your best facial feature 
I really don't know. I don't consider myself pretty, to be honest with you. If I had to choose, I guess my eyes are kind of nice. I've been told that they're exotic, and they're this nice dark chocolate brown (because dark brown is not all that descriptive).
11. Are you loud/quiet when you're mad/upset?
Mad? Loud. But I really don't get mad all that easily.
Upset? Quiet. I know people who can testify to that.
12. Last person you hugged
Either my friend Cara or Arik got my last hug at the convention yesterday. It can be /quite/ emotional at the end of those things ;P
13. Your favourite movie
The Parent Trap, the one with Lindsay Lohan. I just LOVE it!
14. Three things you'd like to say to someone you've been hiding
1. I actually kind of /do/ have someone to impress…
2. I'm so sorry.
3. Stop. Talking. Please. I beg you.
15. Last person you kissed
Does a picture of Ryan Gosling count?
16. Did you think of a certain person when asked #15
Fellow Forever Alones ._.
17. You can have one of the following things: Love or Trust
Hard question. I'd rather have to earn both, instead of being awarded one. However, I guess that I would have to pick trust. Both must be earned and maintained, but love seems a bit harder to earn. And I /do/ enjoy a nice challenge.
18. When was the last time you told someone honestly what you felt regardless of how difficult it was 
I believe this past Saturday night.
19. Name the five main things you look for in a guy
1. Sense of humor. Because what's a relationship without a little fun?
2. Good taste in music. I am very proud of my taste, and a crappy one can really turn a girl off.. (excuse my language!).
3. Nice hair. I'd say nice style, but honestly, I'd rather a guy have a nice head of hair.
4. Sympathy. I love to be silly, but I also would like a down-to-earth conversation once in a while.
5. Speaks his mind, but listens to me too. Good communication is important, yo.

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On an unrelated note, how perfect is Beyonce?!
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