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Let's Make Art!

A group for art sets, including home, beauty, & fashion, depending on the theme of the contest. And yes, doll sets are art sets! (I don't know why some ppl think otherwise) There will be weekly contests, with a wide array of themes. I will try to have unique contests that challenge & inspire you. Suggestions always welcome. Artistic nude is ok, but NO porn-figured femme tubes etc. Goth & gore is not preferred, but if done tastefully, can be very beautiful. I judge based on relevance to theme, detail in work, and/or how well everything is put together (scale, placement, etc). I don't play favourites, I play true to myself & to what I think is a great set that I want to showcase in the top 12. I don't want to moderate a group if I'm just pressured into choosing sets simply b/c it's their turn to "win". That being said, I will try to only pick 1 of a persons sets, even if I like all 3, if there are other sets from members that are deserving of a spotlight ;) It's not easy being a mod! haha I gravitate towards clean, well put together sets that aren’t too busy (1 of the main reasons for making a group was b/c so many mods prefer full, square sets), but please, feel free to express yourself! I won't spam your inbox with relentless advertising for contests. Also, pls know that it's not my personality to constantly "like" & comment, even though I truly appreciate and like your sets! I become very exhausted if I feel obligated, or I'm made to feel like I owe you something. My contests are for YOU guys, not me! ;P I hope that you enjoy the contests! They are there to simply inspire you, or as just a place to share your OLD/NEW creations :) But PLEASE, if you're not going to read or follow contest rules, don't join this group! Created May24, 2014 Logo: http://www.polyvore.com/group_logo_come_join/set?id=122988427
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Any of these contests inspire u? http://www.polyvore.com/lets_make_art/group.show?id=180868&tab=contests If not, why are u a member? (let's be honest here) ;)

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