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I lay there my eyes staring blankly at the ceiling above me. I thought of what would it be like to just have someone love me for who I was. I dreaded to get out of my bed I wanted to stay there tucked under the sheets forever. I planned going out to relax myself with a sigh I dragged myself to the bathroom. I stripped off and went inside the shower the cold water trickling down my skin giving me shivers. I put on my clothes and did my hair in a 5 minutes I was ready. I decided to grab a taxi after all i'm in New York. I held my hand up just as I did the driver pulled over I climbed in and gave him the address. A bit later I gave him the money and got out of the car I headed to the store in front of me. 

I walked in a nearby clerk greeting me I greeted back. I looked at some tops not really my style I found a dress and held it on my hand examining it. 
"That would look great on you love", I heard a voice say behind me. I swiftly turn and see a tall, curly haired guy, " Uhm thank you...", I replied waiting for him to say his name , "Harry, my name is Harry what's yours?", he asked with a grin. I gazed at his green orbs, " Olivia, nice to meet such a charming lad like you Harry", I smiled. His pink lips formed a smile his eyes pinned on me, " Thanks Olivia... has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?", he questioned. I blushed and turned back at the rack of clothes, "No one has told me that", I mumbled while browsing at the clothes he lay his elbow on one of the racks gazing at me, " Well you should hear it more often", he replied. He walked away going out the store but before he did ," Harry! ", I screamed he turned waiting for my response, " Thanks..." , my head looking down I then felt two big arms around me. My head resting on his chest hearing his heart beat he cupped my face my head facing his he kissed my forehead. And with one last hug he left my phone buzzed it was harry how did he get my number I don't care right now.

Harry: I'm headed to your place.

Me: how do you know where I live.

Harry: I know some stuff...

Me: oh harry. 

I paid for the dress and ran out and grabbed a taxi I stepped out there I saw a black range rover I never saw that car before. I then saw Harry get down and run towards me I opened the door and we stepped in. 

Part 2 will be making later.
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