Blythe Dunraven ~
age: 20
mother: Marie Agnès
Guaranteed 99.9% of the time you can find Blythe's nose deep in the pages of a book. She has never done well with dealing with realistic social situations and from a young age related more with literature, and over the years an interesting condition has developed. Blythe discovered, after reading hundreds of books, she had obtained a unique gift. Blythe can transport her-self, literally, into the world of whatever book she is reading. With this escape she has become less and less connected to the troubles of reality. She has tried telling people about her power but most wrote her off, so now she keeps it to her-self. However while it may seem like reality to her, psychosis is a true possibility.
looks like: Mona Johannesson
taken by: {OPEN}


Five Facts:
1. Her favourite book character is Sherlock Holmes. She spends a lot of time in his various books, learning his methods.
2. Her favourite book to spend time in varies, but it is usually something beautiful and adventurous and magical. Currently, it is 'The Princess Bride'. She is in love with every part of the story.
3. She discovered her power while reading and eating a piece of bread. She was reading Pride and Prejudice, and then was /in/ Pride and Prejudice. She would've thought it was a dream, but when she came back out, her piece of bread was also gone, and in the book, one of the characters was eating a roll with 'a bite missing'.
4. She usually just appears as a new character in the book, but can also take the place of any character she wants. She's not very good at controlling that, but she's been working on it.
5. She never shares her books with anyone, because her being in them always alters them. Only her copy changes. If one of her sisters were to borrow the books she has, though, they would certainly be suspicious to find that Sherlock Holmes had a new companion named Blythe.


I feel like doing a collection. So a collection will be up soon. EDIT: Here it is:


‘Who are you?’ he asks, staring at me. ‘Where’d you come from?’

‘Sorry, Doctor,’ I say. ‘Didn’t mean to startle you.’ I hang my jacket up in the corner. ‘Mrs. Hudson let me in.’

The man in the chair seems to laugh soundlessly, then turn around, a strange smile on his face. ‘Hello,’ he says. ‘You must be Blythe.’ Watson looks duly impressed, but I’m not; my name is on the side of my book.

I nod. ‘Anything else you’d care to tell me?’

He looks at me, and a look of bewilderment crosses his face. The rain pounds down on the windows outside. ‘You said Mrs. Hudson let you in, correct?’


‘I get the feeling that, if I go downstairs now, she will have no recollection of ever meeting you. Is that also true?’


‘Did you walk here?’ he asks, looking at me carefully.

I laugh to myself, a bit of a private joke. ‘Yes, I suppose you could say that.’

‘Your shoes aren’t wet. The bottom of your dress isn’t wet. It’s been raining for over an hour.’

‘I’m not really from around here.’

‘Where are you from?’ The great detective, finally reduced to asking me something direct.

‘Why don’t you tell me?’ I say, smiling slightly.

‘Charming,’ he mutters. ‘Dear Watson, why don’t you ever puzzle me like our visitor here? I fear our time together may be coming to an end if you can’t succeed in being more interesting.’

Watson sighs, as if he’s heard this a thousand times. I’m willing to bet he has. Most people are more interesting to Holmes than Watson, simply because they have a mystery for him to solve. The fact that I myself am the mystery does not differentiate me from his other clients.

There’s a knock on the door downstairs. A real visitor is coming, and Mrs. Hudson lets them in. I guess it might be time for me to go.

And then, without blinking an eye, I am back in the garden, sun shining down on my back. I can hear the laughs of my sisters from further away. And if they looked closely, they might see the signs of London, of my travels.

But they never look closely at me. And even if they did, my sisters are not Sherlock Holmes.


If you read, include 'sherlock' in your comment just because.


Top Three:

1. Blythe AHHH I love Blythe.
2. Bronte
3. Florence


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