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To Jaylen, 
 @stormy-russell I love you. <3 First of all thank you for always being there for me, i don't know if i have before but im saying it now. You are the only one in this world who knows everything about me. And im glad that for anyone in this world its you. I dont think you relize of how much stuff i tell you, but its so much that even the stuff i swear on my life i wont tell i tell you because i dont care about losing them if they find out..which is kinda scary cuz why would i tell a complete freak like you ANYTHING about me. o.O Loll. I understand that youre going through a really tough time right now but as ive always been for 6 years is here for you. Weve had fights and weve had laughs, had biotches not naming people *cough* Mia *cough* try to break us apart so she can have you but Ha Swerve B*tch; we stuck together. And im glad to call you my other half. Its like my soul was spilt in half and given to you! :) Ive had so many boy troubles and you have stuck through and listened the whole time. At least now you wont make the same mistakes that i did and even if you do i would be there for you no matter what <3 Sometimes i get upset because i think that i out too much on you, like i expect more from you than you can give and i think that one day youre going to get sick of me and just drop me as a friend but then i see how you get so excited when you see me (yesterday) and it disapears from my mind. Ok, now about the set, First, the clothes I would wear that, it has nothing to do with you :\ sorry. Jokes! Thats you, thats how i picture us going out to the club when we get older and you wearing :) Breathe is because you need to breathe. Whenever somethings wrong you get all worked up and cant think straight but all you need to do is BREATHE! That boy is your type, you cant even deny it! And i love that you can depict who i like before i can even say something but its not my fault i fall in love with every white guy that above the age of 16 ight :D Get nakeds just for me :) For some strange reason people say im inapropriate..what dafuq are they talking about.. o.O Im not dirty i just have a sexy imagination ^_^ I want to thank you for staying around through everything ive done, things that people would normally regret. (japanese people and the L person) I love that you accept me the way i am and my MAJOR change since moving to this house. And tbh I actually wouldnt be able to live at my grandparents house next year, japan lives 5 mins from their house and i would get into more "trouble" the closer i am to him. I just dont understand what i have to do with him, like i like him but my mom wouldnt accept him, tiante would accept him not even my friends from warwick..and you dont like him :D but you tolerate him. I think like whats the point but people say not to worry about what others think even though i cant help not to when people are always saying stuff like you cant go back to him, hes too old, he just wants sex when they dont even know him. I cant help who i like..4 years isnt that much of a difference but then im like next month its going to become another thing i have to worry about..The Law. :/ Its just so stressful for a little skinny person like me. Im supposed to be getting everything out to you so im just going to come out and say it. Yesterday was all i had since ive come back and tonight. I just "havent been hungry". All i do is drink tea and have little things to eat like a cookie or some rice with butter. I think Japans starting to affect me, like i said i NEED to come to your house. But thats it for now <3 I love you like i said and Kyres coming back dont worry :)
 Your best friend, 
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