feat. Yoo In Na


I actually felt really inspired to write this poem while I was making this set. 

My Own War
By Camila K

I want to be myself, but I can't when I'm with you

It's not you hurt me, it's not that you shun me,
it's not that you try to change who I am
In fact, you probably would understand. 

How it feels to be alone,
to feel small in a crowd,
lost in the shadows,
cornered in the dark,
trapped away from life's joy.

How it feels to be in pain,
the endless tears that seem to streak down,
the hushed whispers floating in the air, 
a wound that cannot be healed,
when it is contained inside the soul. 

How it feels to be out of control,
no words can stop you,
no action can faze,
the black stained goddess flies into the night,
away from the gripping hands of sanity.

I trust you,
I believe in you,
I love you.

But the mask needs to stay on,
the smile shinning brightly,
and the laughter ringing.
Saving you from the endless questions,
and sinking turmoil of not being able to save me.

I want to be myself, but I can't, not with you. 
This is my battle to face.
My war to win.
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