Leviathan Miri Gry and her family and closet and etc.

The Gry family is one of geniuses. The parents are both full-time professional workers in Paris until 2009, when the French government demands they leave due to being Romani. They move to Midlothian, Virginia. Leviathan is a gorgeous fifth grader at this point (birth date is April 1, 1999) and is the most brilliant. She is a skilled ballerina and soccer player with whip-fast wit and genius in every field. She can reach fluency in a language very quickly, has an eidetic memory, and is a brilliant writer, mezzo singer, artist, violin and piano virtuoso, composer, poet, scientist, mathematician, inventor, chess grandmaster, fantastic sense of humor, and is bisexual like everyone else in her family. Everyone else is brilliant, also contortionist as well, and geniuses in general.

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