Okay, here's my rant for today. I'll probably be back soon with another one, but for now I want to talk about that dreaded subject: Rap music.

It's absolutely ridiculous how popular Lil' Wayne is right now. People said he's bringing back rap music to how it's should be. Um. No. He raps about the same things all the other dumbass rappers these days that are popular rap about, like Flo-Rida or whatever. Sometimes these people have one good song, but it's never an album. Overprocessed and overworked and completely ridiculous. They say it's cool how he has a song about aliens or whatever; he has that song because he SMOKES POT ALL THE TIME. His entire album is probably tunes written while high. It's not poetic, it's someone talking into a microphone set on permanent autotune (don't get me started, sometimes it's okay, like with Kanye, but HALE TO THE NO, LIL' WAYNE). 
On the other hand, we have Lupe Fiasco.
"Disease the virus is spreading in all directions
No safe zone no cure and no protection
No symptoms of surviving or signs of an infection
No vaccines remedies and no corrections
Quarantines the dreams and cut off our connections
Don't let em in not a friend not a reflection
Everybody's got it and want you to have it next and
Don't accept em if you wanna stay that's an exception
No pill 
can heal
the ill of this
Sickness some are still in doubt of it's existence
Some call it forgiveness and some call it the vengeance
Some say it's an exit and some say it's an entrance
The poor say the rich have the cure
The rich say the poor are the source
Revolutionaries say it's psychological war
Invented by the press
Just to have something to report
Some say the first case came from a maternity war
Some say a morgue, some say the skies some say the floor
Whores say the nuns, nuns say the whores
And everybody is sure

The scientists said it only infects the mind
The little boy said it only infects the girls
The Preacher man said it's gonna kill off the soul
A bum said it's gonna kill off the world"
"My femme fatale my darling fraudulent angel
Once caught her changing her batteries in her halo
Receipt for her wings and everything that she paid for
And the address to the factory where they made those"
Really now, Lil' Wayne, Flo-Rida, Kardinall Offishal, etc.? You wanna try now?
I like Kanye, 50 Cent is okay, Jay-Z is good, M.I.A sure. But I really have no respect for those who only care about things that don't matter, and are taking the art away from rap.

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