• Lexon Script LCD Clock
    Lexon Script LCD Clock
    The Lexon Script LCD Clock is a beautiful and versatile addition to any home. The LCD display shows the time in beautiful script and the larger size can be hung as a wall clock or used on a table.
  • Lexon - Cube Sensor LCD Alarm Clock
    Lexon - Cube Sensor LCD Alarm Clock
    The Pauline Minguet and Marc Berthier designed Cube alarm clock can more than its simple appearance might reveal. The designers’ piece by Lexon has all the functions, a good alarm clock should have. The cube-like design with the same edges-length at all its sides consists of aluminium. While the surrounding ring is available in different colours, the Cube Sensor LCD alarm clock displays the time and other information on its silver front. The Lexon Cube LCD alarm clock is powered with batteries. The name giving LC display has the information you need prepared all the time: Time, week-day, date, temperature and waking time. With a touch-sensor you will be able to activate the Snooze-Function and the display illumination.
  • Lexon Table Clock
    Lexon Table Clock
    living room. Material:Rubber, ABS
  • Lexon - Flip LCD-Alarm Clock
    Lexon - Flip LCD-Alarm Clock
    Everyone knows the feeling of not knowing if the alarm clock has been set for the next morning before going to sleep. The LCD-alarm clock by Lexon puts an end to this feeling. The idea of the Flip is thereby as simple as revolutionary: The alarm clock is easily turned, in order to switch the alarm on and off. On the surface there are great letters that explain clearly what a mode is activated. When the alarm is set, the adjusted time will appear besides the real time. The shining LC display of the ABS plastic Flip ensures that the time is also easily recognizable in the darkest nights. When the LCD alarm clock rings at an undesired time, the touch-sensor enables to simply switch it off and sleep a few minutes longer by means of the snooze function.
  • Lexon Design Archi Architect Pen
    Lexon Design Archi Architect Pen
    Pleasantly tactile, highly functional, and with distinct character, the Archi Architect Pen is like no other architect's pen, a perfect balance of utility and aesthetic. The straight, cylindrical body not only reduces the pen's shape to the most essential elements, but it also makes the pen easier to hold and maintain steady lines. The rollerball, features 18 grams for precision writing and is made from brass with a back finish that creates an intelligently refined feel. When not in use, the Archi Architect Pen rests in an elongated black matte case, whose sleek, simple minimalism equally reflects the discipline and creativity of today's modern architect.
  • Lexon - Safe Large Clock
    Lexon - Safe Large Clock
    Pierre Garner and Elise Berthier designed a table clock which bribes with an extremely slim silhouette besides of its clear and natural appearance: The Safe Large Clock. The table clock by Lexon is flat enough to be a slim appearance on every table with its 1.4 cm of thickness. Safe Large Clock stands safely with its foldable holder. The time, week days, date and temperature are displayed on the LC display. The design clock has moreover a snooze function. Lexon manufactures the Safe Large Clock out of the composite material PLA, a plastic-cereals based material. The front of the clock consists of bamboo, another environment friendly and fast re-growing raw material. Another ecological detail is that the Safe Large Clock runs with solar energy. If the sun doesn’t shine, the clock is also powered with the included battery (1 x AAA).
  • Lexon - Safe Travel Clock
    Lexon - Safe Travel Clock
    The Safe Travel Clock by Lexon doesn’t only look good, but it is also an exceptional travel company thanks to the practical advantages. The small travel clock by Lexon is flat enough to suit in the smallest gaps of the suitcase when you are traveling, with its depth of only 1.3 cm. The Safe Travel clock stands safely besides the bed with its foldable stand. The time, week days, date and temperature are displayed on the LC display. The small design alarm clock moreover has a snooze function. Lexon manufactures the Safe Travel Clock out of the composite material PLA, a plastic based on cereals. The front of the alarm clock consists of bamboo, another environment-friendly and fast re-growing raw material. There is another ecologic detail: Since the Safe Travel Clock is powered by solar power. If the sun doesn’t shine, the LCD alarm clock also runs with the included (1 x AAA) battery. More details: Time display with 12 and 24-hours. Alarm function. Snooze function. Calendar function. Thermometer with Celsius/ Fahrenheit-display. EL- background illumination. Memory function.
  • Lexon - Maizy Calculator
    Lexon - Maizy Calculator
    It doesn’t need much for a device to be a good calculator; The good form and the easy handling make the Maizy calculator by Lexon a practical helper in the office. Maizy’s display with 10 digits is easy to understand – as well as the rest of the design, without any escapades. This is how the Maizy calculator is serious enough for every office, but always friendly to look at because of its white-green design. The small pocket calculator by Lexon moreover has a memory capacity which allows memorizing the whole calculation process. Lexon manufactures the Maizy calculator out of PLA – a composite material based on cereals. The green will to change the world is directly included in the delivery package, since it contains solar cells for the energy for Maizy.
  • Lexon - Lumo LED-Alarm / Projection Clock
    Lexon - Lumo LED-Alarm / Projection Clock
    Lumo by Lexon is an alarm clock which projects the time at the wall or the ceiling. Jeremy & Adrian Wright have invented something special for the French manufacturer Lexon: The flat and edged shape of Lumo is broken by the objective, since it is diagonal and coming out of the whole housing. The time is projected at walls or the ceiling with it, so that it is comfortable to know what time it is when one is still lying on the bed. The time can be projected at different places of the room, since the objective is rotatable by up to 180°. The Lumi LED-alarm clock by Lexon has an automatic dimmer, which adapts to the light circumstances. Besides the network operator, the alarm clock is also able to run with batteries. Lexon manufactures the Lumo alarm clock out of AS and rubber-coated ABS-plastic.
  • Lexon - Z-Light
    Lexon - Z-Light
    Radically clear: Lexon presents a table lamp which consequently renounces unnecessary details: The Z-Light. Harmonic proportions and the reduced design ensure to be a statement on your desk. The design of the Z-Light isn’t the only modern thing of it; also its technique shines at this point: Since the table lamp by Lexon has current LED technology, it only needs 0.5 W, while the desk is lighted with pleasant, direct light. The cables are invisibly hidden in the lamp’s head, so that the clear design remains saved. Lexon manufactures the Z-Light out of aluminium and bamboo. The natural material adds a small contrast to the modern-cool design. The lamp’s head is adjustable at two heights, while the on and off buttons are powered by a decent touch sensor. The consequent design brought the Alain Lee and Ming Yang designed Z-Light a Red Dot Award in 2012.
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