Princess Leyenda Folie was born a Princess to a family prone to bouts of madness. She was cherished and spoiled and never need want for anything, as long as she kept quiet about the shocking secrets her family kept. Like how the whispered rumors that her parents demanded virgins from brothel houses to slit their throats and drink their blood weren't entirely untrue... they yearned for eternal youth.
Some people whispered then that the Folies were vampiric demons and they couldn't be trusted.
Leyenda could never speak of that.
The Folie's had always been affiliated with dark practices, for her ancestors reigned from the isles of the undying, a sinister land wrought with dark magic and chaos. The Folies sailed to the Novenary and pillaged and slayed until they were declared absolute leaders. They cruelty and greed of their ancestors has played a price though, each Folie has been touched with the hereditary insanity in one way or another, which is a wonder how they were able to grapple power over all the Novenary and become the royal family. In such an unstable state of mind, it's a wonder how they were able to achieve anything at all.
Most of the madness was only ever shown in secret, though. Most citizens loved their King and Queen. Leyenda, however has had to live with such hysteria coursing through her veins. Her mother and father are two parts of a toxic relationship. Her father, a narcissistic, self-indulged man holds all power over his masochistic cousin and wife. It was a loveless marriage, yet filled with tension and passion and lunacy. Her mother only begged for the pain that her father gave her on a basis, and bore him seven children- although five were stillborn.
Leyenda's brother Castor has recently come of age, and the Novenary is becoming restless for a royal wedding. Leyenda's brother is a complete clone of their father, so in love with himself he could never care for any other living thing.
But her brother is prone to fits of rage, where her father, thankfully, is not.
Leyenda is touched with the madness too- or so she fears. She always had assumed she would be born unscathed. She was clever, witty ...yet cold. Distant, almost /unfeeling/. Leyenda soon found enjoyment in destruction. She had a taste for vengeance even though no one has down her wrong. She wants to watch the Novenary fall to rubble, since she can never truly have it in her grasp. Her brother is a sadistic cretin who wouldn't know what to do with it.
She also pities whoever is set to wed him. Poor girl.
Not everyone is perfectly fine with the madness though- talks have been occurring between the Lords and Ladies of the Nine, and an uprising could easily be just around the corner. Leyenda can't seem to contain her excitement.

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