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Les Filles de Nyx
Arabella Alice Tremblay

-november | 7 | monday |
the ball through the palace into utter chaos; the ballroom is a mess, the dorms are all trashed, and the dining hall isn't cleaned. so today, we have the day off of school (besides morning mass, of course) to clean up the fall ball's after wake. so grab a broom and lend a hand because this counts for service learning hours!-

I really didn’t want to clean. I had had another bad dream last night, and it had totally gotten to me. On top of that, the rumors Wren spread were still circulating and making people view me in a harsh light. This was why I left my old schools in Italy. I really didn’t want to leave LFDN.

Upon arriving in the dining hall, I skipped out on grabbing bags and cleaning supplies and went straight for the piano. It was the one instrument that I loved, but with how busy the school year had been, I had scarcely any time to sneak down here and play it. Resting my finger tips along the keys, I started to play one of my favorite tunes, a classical peace nonetheless. Closing my eyes, I let the music play through my finger tips just not putting any pressure on them to make a sound. I had totally zoned out not realizing the person walking towards me.

“Do you play?” someone asked. I jumped turning back at the girl wide eyed as I slipped my hands into my lap. It was just Uly, no one to freak out over. 

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone you are playing around. Most the seniors aren't here anyways." She commented noticing my reaction as she played with the cigarette in her mouth.

That’s what I liked about Uly. She always came off so calm, cool and collected that it touched you. I don’t think she went to the ball, and yet she still showed up to clean. How nice of her. Out of all the girls I knew, I knew she was one that I could trust.

"It's an amazing piece, isn't it?" I murmured smiling a bit running my hands over the ornate wood.

" see one piano, you've seen them all I suppose,” she replied sipping her coffee.

"No this's truly gorgeous." I smiled at her, finally lifting my hands back to it. I toyed with the keys again, never once pressing them.

"I'll take your word for it," Uly answered, "You never answered, but from your tone, I'm guessing you do." Crap, I had totally dodged her question.

", I do. I adore the piano." I smiled sweetly, my eyes falling over the instrument.

"Play then." Uly insisted, not bothering to soften her tone. She definitely wanted to know if I could hold my own against the instrument.

"Excuse me?" I asked in surprise.

"Play. You keep fiddling with the keys," She moved her hands as though she was playing the keys, "so play."

"Your suppose," I looked down at the keys, still looking troubled as I started playing something classical. As I played, I zoned out the entire room, letting my fingers glide across the keys. My eyes closed, and I let the music pour out of my fingertips. I looked back at Uly finally finishing the piece, and she had a strange look across her face.

"Sorry..." I trailed off, stuffing my hands underneath me.

" was beautiful." She nodded, lifting the unlit cigarette to her lips.

"You seem troubled by something." She muttered, moving towards the door.

", well preoccupied, that's all really." I commented, as I started to stand. She waved me off, and I sat back down.

"I wan't fishing for all your problems...everyone has them...I guess some are just better at masking them." Uly gripped the door. Was I really that obvious with my problems?

"But..." I started again. She gave me a look that basically told me to shut it for a second.

"I'd suggest finding someone you feel comfortable talking to. It will's better than keeping it all in." She smirked, pushing the door open. 

I didn’t mean anything by what I said. I did feel comfortable talking to, but in a room full of people, I preferred to keep things to myself. Actually, I preferred to do that anyway. It didn’t always work better, but I had my journal to vent out my feelings, even if it could reciprocate and give me reason. It was better than nothing.

I saw Alex across the hall, and I knew that I could talk to her. “Alex!” I called and her head popped in my direction. A small smile crossed over her face as she waited for me to catch up to her.

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked stuffing something into her pocket. Another secret…

“Can I talk to you?”

“Yeah-“ “Alex, I need you over here!” Noelle called beckoning her towards her. Crap, I needed to talk to somebody.

“Ara, I’ll talk to you in the dorm?” I nodded letting her go off. 

Who could I go to? I really didn’t want to go to Blake because he would not talk to me over what Wren was saying. And Wren, that sneaky little bastard. I wanted to bomb that kid out of existence because of how rude and mean he was, not because he was hot. Rushing towards the offices, I headed towards Cambon. He would listen, I was sure of it.

“Seriously? Seriously?” a guy’s voice echoed in his office. It sounded a lot like Wren. Cambon was about to speak but cut himself off.

“Get out! You disgrace me and this institution!” He yelled at Wren. Wren stormed out of the office stopping to look at me.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” A menacing look crossed over his face before he went back to be with his buddies at the end of the hall.

“Leave her alone!” Cambon shouted stomping out of his office. Wren flipped him the bird before running out of there.

“God, he really is not a gentleman,” he muttered before turning towards me. “Now, hello Arabella.”

“Hi, M. Cambon.” I shyly smiled walking in and sitting back in one of his leather chairs.

“Anything the matter?” He asked leaning back. This had become a regular now. Whenever I felt trapped or too stressed and couldn’t talk to anyone else, I went to him.

I poured out all my feelings, immediately feeling better afterwards. I felt a lot better telling him how I felt. He just listening nodding and giving me advice on how to fix everything.

“Trust your gut.” He pointed at his stomach. “It will lead you in the right direction. What is it telling you right now?”

“That I can trust you more than anybody.” I ducked my head down blushing.

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently,” he reassured me. 

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@the-clary-project [added tension to the plan(:]
@cj-awesomesauce -credit for a lot of the story, the better part of it I must say {amazing writing!}
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