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the storm has finally died down, though the snow is still imminent, but we have a special occasion coming up! winter ball is going to be soon, and hopefully, it'll go better than fall ball. so, in preparation, after classes today, the girls are going to be attending a special class with the boys of the local private school. we'll be taking ballroom dance lessons! enjoy!

vasilisa "lissa" yves kurinakova
scent - chanel chance
mood - dark
hair - like the pics
nails - chanel; black velvet
lips - m.a.c.; high tea lipstick
music - i want it that way by backstreet boys
food - cigarettes and coffee
where - les filles de nyx; russia
with - adrian
 "Ew. I have to dance with some snotty Russian teenager, whose hands are probably gonna be way too low for there own good." Adrian wound a strand of my bleached hair around his pointer and middle fingers. We were in a crumpled mess in the west wing of the library, deep, hidden between the shelves and shelves of books. We were on the plush velvet couch, our limbs tangled together and our lips chapped from kissing. Somehow, we were positioned so I was draped across the top of his body, but propped sitting up. He laughed, dropping my hair and kissing my cheek. "Then don't go." He whispered in my ear, sending shivers up my spine. I giggled, looking down at the cup of coffee sitting between my two hands before taking a nervous sip.
"Oh but your mother will be there." I smirked up at him as he trailed his hand down to my collarbone. "I don't want to see her." He frowned as I sat farther up, sipping more of my coffee. "Why don't you go? I'm sure she won't be /that/ surprised that you're here. And just tell her that we know each other and you'd like to be my dance partner." I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and undid the red scarf from his neck before setting my coffee down and kissing his skin. He paused a few seconds before speaking. "Maybe, Vasya. But I don't know." I looked back up at him, pouting my clear glossed lips. "Oh, please Mr. Ivashkov! I'm begging you." I faux-cried as he laughed, tackling me on the couch. "I think you've convinced me, Vasya." He said as I giggled. "I also like it when you beg." I continued laughing, and he joined me, until both of us doubled over in laughter on the edge of the couch. Suddenly, we heard someone clear their throat.
I looked up, nearly falling off of Adrian's lap. Franchoise Cambon stood over us, a seductive smirk on his face. Something drew me towards him, but I just ignored that sensation and wrapped my arm around Adrian's shoulders again, steadying myself. It was probably just his vampiric nature; better to be ignored. "Ahh, petit esprit. I see you've deceived me. And Adrian, it's been a long time. Far too long." My boyfriend stood up, and the two men looked as if they were having some sort of alpha male contest. I understood. They both fought over Rose; Franchoise stole her from Adrian. I could understand why he'd be possessive of me. I checked the spot over my chest where the Purple Pendent sat, just in case I needed it. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't.
"Franchoise." Adrian finally spoke, their eyes glued to each other. I felt like they had almost forgotten about me. I leaned over to grab my coffee, sipping the last drop. "What do you want?!?" Adrian demanded as the vampire's eyes looked around, finally settling on me. His eyes stared at me for a long time, and I stared back, refusing to back down. Maybe that's how Adrian felt earlier. I tried to well up Spirit in me so I could make him leave with compulsion, but once I had the magic in my body, I tried to push it out, onto him, like every other time I'd compulse. I felt the magic leave and hit the target, just like normal. As I was ordering Nyx what to do, the bond snapped off, just as if someone had broken it in two. Franchoise smiled. 
"I want the girl's blood, Adrian. That's no surprise. I'd even settle for yours." Those words settled into me and didn't agree well. I stood in front of my boyfriend and attempted to block him from Franchoise, which didn't work well since he was 6 feet tall and I was less than half of that. "Don't you dare touch him. Rose may have fucked up, but I'm not stupid and neither is Adrian." Franchoise stepped towards me, attempting to grab my arm. He moved fast, in a quick lightning speed movement. But I was faster. I grabbed the Purple Pendent by the Onyx and ripped the necklace off, snapping the chain. I used it as a weapon, striking the silver against Franchoise's face. A long, diagonal scar appeared across his cheek, as a slow line of blood. Vampires didn't like silver very much, and Monsieur Cambon was no exception.
"Touch any of my friends, and you'll die." I growled, then dangling the gem in front of his nose like a hypnotist. He then quite literally growled at it, anger streaked across his bloody face. "I won't die, my darling." His voice gave me shivers. "I'll have you, Vasilisa, in every sense of the word. I'll be the best lover you'll ever see and then, I will enjoy killing you even more!" He shouted, before disappearing. I heard the libraries doors shut behind him before I collapsed with sobs into Adrian's arms.

(type 'am i your fire? your one desire?' if you read it all)
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