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  • BANG & OLUFSEN 85" BeoVision Avant television
    Bang & Olufsen's 85" BeoVison Avant television is a celebration of movement. An unforgettable fusion of Ultra High-Definition 4K picture and iconic sound, it's precision tuned to their most exacting standard, redefining the audio impact a TV can deliver. The result is a fusion of clarity and power that truly embodies Bang & Olufsen's commitment to ultimate sound. Ground-breaking impact Precision tuned to Bang & Olufsen's most exacting standard, BeoVision Avant redefines the audio impact a TV can deliver. The 3-channel speaker system harnesses three dedicated tweeters, three midrange units and two powerful bass drivers. The result is a fusion of clarity and power that truly embodies Bang & Olufsen's commitment to ultimate sound. Ready for BeoLink Multiroom BeoVision Avant is more than just a TV – it’s an integrated component in the Bang & Olufsen BeoLink Multiroom experience. Add BeoSound Moment and your favorite speakers to create a stunning wireless sound system. One touch is all it takes to control the flow of music throughout your home. Immersive dialogue The dedicated centre speaker sits directly below the screen, enhancing the connection between you and the actors with exceptional clarity of speech. You will hear even the smallest details in the dialogue and nuances in the soundscape – allowing you to become fully immersed in the story. Enjoy experiences as they were meant to be. Integrated freedom Hidden inside the sleek, minimalist exterior lies a truly ground-breaking, fully integrated sound system. Whether you are listening to integrated music services such as Spotify or Deezer, or accessing countless internet radio stations, you can now enjoy all your favourite tunes in one place – a truly liberating solution with iconic Bang & Olufsen acoustic performance. A landscape of sound While you can always add additional speakers to fully customise your soundscape, the built-in 3-channel stereo is more than powerful enough to transform your living space. Flexibile surround BeoVision Avant manages your speaker output depending on your setup and taste. In a full surround setup with two additional front speakers, a subwoofer and two rear speakers, BeoVision Avant devotes all its built-in drivers to dialogue. Alternatively, BeoVision Avant can replace the two additional front speakers by splitting its own drivers into dedicated right, left and centre channels. For the most flexible and discreet full-surround setup incorporate our Immaculate Wireless Sound speakers for multi-channel wireless audio. Bespoke sound BeoVision Avant lets you configure multiple speakers to precisely tailor sound depending on the room and listening position. You can further optimise and refine these individual sound zones using the included microphone.
  • Verizon FiOS TV Replacement Remote Control by Frontier works with Verizon FiOS systems
    Amazon.com: Verizon FiOS TV Replacement Remote Control by Frontier works with Verizon FiOS systems: Electronics
  • CASIO ELECTRONICS Scientific calculator fx-85GT Plus
    Casio's fx-85GT Plus takes the UK's number one scientific calculator a step further by now offering Solar Power to ensure no loss of battery during those crucial exams. Additional functions also include Verify, Prime Factorisation and Recurring Decimal, along with the coveted Natural textbook Display and solar power. The large 10+2 Natural Display shows mathematical expressions like roots and fractions as they appear in your textbook. Dual-powered by both solar and battery power, the calculator boasts 260 functions and is allowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used. Functions and Features Table Functions. Backspace / Delete. Random Integers. Prime Factorization. Multireplay. 24 Parenthese Levels. 9 Variable Memories. Reset. Square Root. Fraction Calculations. Degrees / Minutes / Seconds. Scientific and Statistics Random Numbers. Factorials. Combinations. Permutations. FIX / SCI / NORM. Exponentials. Logarithmic. Recurring Decimals. Verify Expressions. Degrees. Radians. Gradians. Exponents. Reciprocals. Negative Indicator. Expression Editing. Roots and Powers. Coordinate Conversion. Logarithmic Regression. Power Regression. Quadratic Regression. Inverse Regression. Linear Regression. Functions Trigonometric Functions. Hyperbolic Functions. Inverse Hyperbolic Functions. Power Functions. Verify Functions.
  • Crosley Radio 1920's Candlestick Phone
    The Candlestick phone, also known as the "upright," initially became popular during the early 1900's before the introduction of the one-piece handset. The first Candlestick phones were introduced when phones were connected to a large wooden box called a "subset," containing a battery, bell and crank. How far we've come! From its bell-shaped mouthpiece to its cloth-covered receiver cord, this telephone replica recalls a vintage instrument from the 1900's. A closer look reveals some modern technology, including a decorative dial that functions as a push button for tone/pulse operation as well as a center medallion that serves as a redial button. This modern day version of the Candlestick phone would have surely made Alexander Graham Bell proud. Push Button Technology; Rotary Fashion Dial; Tone/Pulse Switch; Ringer Volume ON/OFF Switch; Earpiece Volume Control; Cloth Cord. 6.75" W x 11.5" h x 5.5" d x 3.5 lbs. Plastic, Metal; Imported;
  • Master & Dynamic Women Mh40 Over Ear Headphones
    Height: 185mm Width: 200mm Depth: 50mm. Weight: 360gr. Drivers: 45mm Neodymium. Impedance: 32ohms. Frequency response: 3Hz - 65,000Hz. Sound profile: Dynamic/Closed. Cow hide external leather panels. Lambskin internal leather panels and ear cups. Memory foam ear cups. Stainless steel components. Forged CNC aluminum. Woven cable . Oxygen free copper wire. Compatible with iPod, iPad and iPhone. Includes 3.5 to 6.3mm jack adaptor . Handmade in the USA

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