Emma Hall
Likes: traveling, shopping spree, social events, reading, her tablet and phone
Dislikes: discussions, business meetings, politics, being bored, her stepmom
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1580678
Bio: Emma Hall is the only daughter of the United States Ambassador in Japan. As most privileged children, Emma has it all money, exclusive clothes and the latest tech. There’s only one problem in Emma’s world that’s Patricia, her stepmother. She’s controlling and conniving, but Emma’s father is blinded by ‘love’. Will she stay silent about her stepmother's way or finally come clean to her father?
Model: Heather Marks
Taken by: @tania-l

“I can’t make it to dinner, Emma” My dad said over to the phone. I blocked out the rest of the conversation since it was probably the same excuse: he had a late meeting and would eat with other people. “But Patrice will keep you company. Love you, honey” He said as he ended the conversation.
I cringed at thinking about spending more time with /her/. 

I never liked Patrice not since I was ten years old and my father brought her to dinner so we could ‘finally meet’. I could see right through her good-digger self. She craved attention and loved making my life miserable since day 1. 

The waiter led me to my table where I looked at menu and heard the most annoying voice, “Hello, Emma” I looked up and saw Patrice grinning as she sat down. “Patrice” That was all I said to her. 
She narrowed her eyes at me and with that glance I knew my night was ruined. 

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