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This party was too casual for my taste. Everyone was wearing the tiniest dresses they could find, their faces full of makeup. I rolled my eyes, because this was what everyone thought when they talked about 'lolitas'. Of course, that and the whole under-age dating an older person, which I did. At the time, I didn't think it was creepy. I was 16 and Mr. Edwards was like 26, which only made him ten years older than me... I felt my arms shiver, which totally meant that people might have been staring at me intensely. 

But this was a group of girls who had secrets too. I could relate to them. I grabbed a champagne flute and walked towards this one girl who seemed to be staring at other girl who looked quite similar to her, so I figured they were siblings or something like that.

“Hey, I'm Hana.” I smiled, waving at her.

She smiled back and nodded, “I'm Antoinette, but everyone calls me Toni.” She looked around and turned to me, “This place sure seems packed...” 

“Yeah, lots of unfamiliar faces.” I laughed. “I'm trying to get by as best as I can, although if you asked me, those waiters are very attractive.”

She bit her lip, “Kinda.”

I overheard her sibling calling out her name, so I didn't bother her anymore. “Hey, have fun at the party.”

“I'll try.” She smiled. “Nice meeting you, Hana.”

“You too.” And with that she walked to her sister, grabbing a pack of cigarettes from her sibling and walking outside. Then I was alone, again. One of the waiters offered me another drink, this one was like my sixth, so I was already slightly tipsy.

I headed outside to catch some fresh air and to see if I could hide my very obvious disappointment with the party. I really thought everyone would become friends with everyone, kinda unlike that stupid boarding school I was stuck in for three years and that made of my life a living hell. But nope, this wasn't as I expected. I decided to walk back in and try to be more cheerful and upbeat like the western lolitas.

Then some girl almost ran over me, “Oh my God, I am so sorry!” She gushed as she rubbed her head. I probably looked exasperated.

“Don't worry about it,” I said smoothing out my dress, when I heard some random voice in the alley screaming 'Hana' so I headed into that direction. It was a familiar voice.
“Again so sorry!” The girl said as I walked away.

“Don't worry!” I yelled back, waving at her and walking to where the voice came from. I got to a dark spot where the voice might've come from... but oddly enough, no one was there. I shook my head and rushed inside the venue.

I saw a teary eyed Toni with her sister so maybe that's who might have called out to me. “Hey, are you okay?” I asked genuinely. She looked shaken.

Her sister nodded, “She'll be fine. We're leaving for the night, thank you for your concern.”

“Um, if you need anything just give me a call.” I said, handing out a piece of paper with my telephone number scribbled on it.

“Thanks, I'm Athena, by the way.” She said.

“Hana. You two take care.” I gave them a reassuring smile and walked back to the party.

Just my luck, there was the girl who had ran into me earlier. I decided to try some conversation.

“Hey, feeling better?” I asked politely.

“Yeah.” She nodded. “I'm Brynn.” She said extending her hand out.

“I'm Hana.” I shook it, smiling. “So, how do you like the party so far?”

“The drinks are killer.” She said and somehow I knew she meant it. We were probably the only two tipsy girls in the room and I started giggling uncontrollably. Soon enough, Brynn joined me. At least I didn't feel so out of place anymore.

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