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Lucky Harbor
Noah Lee Davenport

june 10, 2013 | barbecue with friends

A light breeze flows through the back yard while the smell of smoke lifts higher and higher into the air.

It's summer. More importantly, it's barbecue season.

Cate and Matt decided to have a barbecue and invite a good groups of people. Reid stood among the locals.

Reid is here.

I haven't talked to him since the fundraiser, mainly because the two wedding parties haven't gotten together yet. I debate whether or not I should go talk to him, and decide to talk recipes with Cate as she runs back and forth from the house to the backyard.

In mid conversation, Cass heads over sipping on her drink as she joins the conversation.

"What's up, babysitter?" I tease playfully hitting her arm.

She rolls her eyes, making a big show of it. "You know I do have a career...other than watching Disney movies," she retorts.

"Sure you do, sure you do." I shift my wait around and cross my arms. "Any more fundraisers planned?"

She shakes her head and smiles. "I don't think I have the sanity to plan a second one."

Cate scurries away pulling Matt with her as they head to the grill.

"Well, you sure have a knack for planning them," I compliment. Looking over at Emilia and Ethan, I notice Emilia waving at Cass again.

"Awe, she's adorable. And she loves you," I coo finishing my water.

She blushes, "Emmy is quite adorable.”

Right as she says that, Emilia wriggles out of Ethan's grasp and jumps off the porch swing sprinting straight for Cass.

“Hi Cassie!” the little girl clings to Cass's leg until Cass leans over to pick her up. Emilia latches onto Cass, wrapping her arms around her neck.

“Did you know, Cassie is going to be my sister with Ethan and take care of me?” Emilia squeals.

I glance over at Ethan who is sighing and laughing.

“Emilia, I told you to stop saying that," he says as walks toward us.

"Hi Ethan," I say. "Your girl sure loves Cass."

Ethan laughs again, “I think it’s impossible not to fall for Cassie.”

My head whips around to Cass who is blushing profusely. Before I could remark on it, Cate calls everyone for dinner. She and Matt come out with plates and plates of food. From hamburgers to mozzarella, it's all appetizing.

Everyone takes their place at the table. Matt and Cate occupy the heads of the table. Cassie sits between Ethan and Emilia, which leaves me sitting next to Reid.

After everyone loads up their plates and starts to dig in, Matt decides to get the conversation ball rolling.

“So Reid,” Matt starts after sipping on his drink, “How do you like Lucky Harbor?”

Reid swallows his food before answering. "It's...quaint," he begins. "Different than LA. Way different."

"How so?" I pipe in. I'm not sure it Reid knows the whole back story of Jackson and me, but LA is a soft spot for me.

It is my birth city, but it's not a city I remember. I haven't been back to visit since I was shipped away from it. I jump at any chance I get to learn more about the city.

"It's more fast paced," Reid starts looking over at me. Our eyes meet and we quickly look away smiling down at our laps.

"The city isn't as clean as Lucky Harbor, but it's still home," he explains.

“I had an interview in Los Angeles just last weekend,” Cass explains. “It was for the American Cancer Society-“

“But Cassie!” Emilia screeches. “You can’t leave Lucky Harbor! Ethan is supposed ‘to marry you!”

The whole table descends into silence. I look over at Reid and his head is ducked low. I do the same as I await the table to erupt into yelling and arguments.

Instead of arguments, the table erupts into laughter. One by one everyone joins in until we are all laughing. I reach for my wine glass in between giggles

"Any other cities you have to go to?" I ask quickly regretting it.

Emilia leans over, squeezes Cassie and glares at me as if I'm the one planting ideas in Cassie's head.

Cass sets Emilia on her lap and tousles her hair. “I have a second interview for a company in." She puts her hands over Em's ears before continuing. "Portland/Seattle, there’s two firms.”

“She’s staying in Lucky Harbor.” Emilia states with a pout.

I just laugh and settle back into my chair watching as everyone interacts with each other. Everyone is mingling with each other and it's nice. Reid and I have even managed to get another conversation out.

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