Lia Wilkinson~Arcelin High

waѕтed rιcнeѕ on вadaѕѕ вιтcнeѕ...
lιa wιlĸιnѕon
ღ rp eхperιence : 9
ღ wнy dιd yoυ cнooѕe тнιѕ parтιcυlar cнaracтer? : ι wanтed a reвel wιтн a preттy ғace.
ღ roleplayιng eх. : ι raιѕe a perғecтly waхed eyeвrow aт тнe gιrl вeғore мe, мy red lιpѕтιcĸ ғorмιng a provocaтιve grιn. "Darlιng," ι ѕay, wιтн a cнallengιng тone нangιng aт тнe ѕυrғace oғ мy ғaυх-ѕweeт voιce. "ι coυld eaт a вowl oғ alpнaвeт ѕoυp and coмe υp wιтн a вeттer ѕтaтeмenт тнan wнaтever тнaт crap waѕ. ιғ yoυ're gonna argυe wιтн мe, aт leaѕт ĸnow wнaт yoυ're тalĸιng aвoυт. ι нave вeттer тнιngѕ тo do тнan lιѕтen тo loѕerѕ lιĸe yoυrѕelғ drone on aвoυт мeanιngleѕѕ ѕнιт." ι ѕнooт нer one laѕт looĸ wιтн мy pιercιng вlυe eyeѕ and ѕтrιde away ғroм нer ιn мy вlacĸ ѕтυdded plaтғorмѕ.
Bio: She grew up on the bustling streets of New York with her twin brother, who was as a drug dealer. They lived in a battered up, abandoned apartment and didn't do much other than try their hardest to be as unlawful as they could. She often went roaming the city with her gang or went clubbing with the little money she managed to steal in her free time, usually getting very drunk in the process. Her mom and dad died in a house robbery, and none of her family members were willing to take care of her. Truth is, she would've rejected them anyway. She had a mediocre education and has a talent for getting what she wants and arguing. Not debating, flat-out arguing. One day the police found her and her brother smoking behind a building, and they decided Ashton (her brother) was simply not responsible enough to be a guardian. She was then sent to Arcelin in hopes of "becoming a better person", or so they say. She has never heard from Ashton since then.
Personality: Reluctant, Spunky, Contrary, Rebellious, Rocker, Intolerant, Misunderstanding, Heartless, Bitchy.
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