Liadan Swancott (SMIB}

Liadan {LEE-din} Swancott
age: 16
descendant of: Runa the Seer
bio: Liadan was raised by her father, who has always been a little frightened of her powers. Unnatural nonsense, he's called it. It's not that Mr. Swancott doesn't claim to love his daughter, but to Liadan, it seems like every chance he gets, he's discouraging her use of magic or trying to force her into fitting his idea of "normal." He's even attempted to forbid her from attending Solstice Gatherings and other celebrations. Now, he's threatening to send her away to a nunnery far away from Bythell Hollow if she doesn't quit Practising. Liadan knows well that if she gets sent away, it will kill her. To be parted from her coven, the only people that accept her as she is, is so unthinkable she'll do anything to stay. She's already implored Iezabel for advice on how to deal with her father, which perhaps wasn't the best idea as the Taker's only suggestion was, "Poison him." But Liadan would never purposely harm her father. Even if she knew he was responsible for her mother's death, she wouldn't ever consider it...would she?
model: Antonina Vasylchenko
taken by:

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