Liah Nakamura - [TGHRP]

Liah Nakamura - [Jodelle Ferland]
Gryffindor - 14 - 4th year
Liah, being the daughter of Noemie, is quite a little fashionista. She doesn't follow every trend or buy things right off the runway, but she loves looking cute & shopping. She only buy second-hand if it's something really cute, but she doesn't stick to just brand names. Having money never phased her, even when she would go with her mom on trips to Paris & the other fashionable cities. She always finds her way to consignment shops to find one of a kind duds.
She sticks to mostly flowy, girlie tops & blazers with high-waisted shorts, but she'll relax in jeans & a tee shirt if she's feeling lazy.
Her favorite thing to wear is knit hats & things with bows or feathers. She raids her mom's jewelry box when her wardrobe doesn't have the right piece & she won't settle for second best when it comes to perfecting her outfits.
The pictures at the top are the most accurate way I could think of to properly show off her style & I think they do a much better job than I could. Lol.

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