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The relaxation of waves crashing to shore, sand underneath your feet, and the joy of watching your little ones play about is utterly mesmerizing. I smiled as Liam held both Aiden and Zoey on each hip and stood in the middle of the ocean, letting the waves of water crash against them. The twins giggling as the cold water tickled the bottoms of their feet each time. 
I walked up behind Liam, gently placing my palms to his tones back. "Why don't we treat them to a snow cone?" I questioned, taking Aiden in my arms as he reached out for me.
He nodded smiling. "Their first snow cone. Being a year and a half brings perks now doesn't it kiddos?" He chuckled as we mad our way towards the straw shack at the top of the beach.
An aged man with gray hair stood behind the counter. Smiling brightly as we seemed to be the only business he would be getting this Monday afternoon due to an empty beach. 
"How can I help you?" He inquired.
"One snow cone please." Liam addressed. 
The man behind the counter, whose name I presumed was Todd by the name tag pinned to his shirt, made the order. Handing over the ice treat I exchanged that with a few notes of money and headed back towards our blanket strewn out on the sand.
"They've grown up really fast." I brought up, spooning some of the ice into Aidens mouth.
"It's seems just like yesterday we brought them home." Liam chimed in feeding Zoey.
"They're not going to be baby's for long are they?" I questioned sadly looking over to Liam.
"They're going to grow up quickly. They'll be arriving at their first day of university in no time." 
"Do you think we could.. have more?" I questioned carefully, not sure of what reaction or reply I was going to get.
Liam smiled setting Zoey in her little seat next to Aiden. "I'd like to have more. Not too many of course. Maybe just two more." He answered, pulling me to his side.
"Yeah, I think four would be the perfect amount. Not real soon though. I want to stick it out through until these two are at least four or five. " 
"Sounds perfect." He smiled placing a delicate kiss to my forehead.

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