here you go, love!!! (:


'Hey babe, I'm on my way. Storms getting bad. See you soon xx' Liams text read, and my eyebrows creased in worry. Liam was on his way to my parents house with me for Christmas, but a nasty snow storm had hit, delaying his drive. I didn't reply to his text for fear of him crashing while reading my message, instead I set my phone back down and continued spooning dollops of cookie dough onto the tray in front of me, until I was ready to put it in the oven. 

"Kate, honey, when is Liam getting here? Do I need to put the dog in the basement, or the cats? What does he like to eat?" my mother bustled in, weilding a spaghetti flinger. 

"Mom, stop worry about this. Liam is on his way, he will be fine with Lucy and the cats, adn he will enjoy any food you make. Calm down, okay?" she sighed, stirring the spaghetti. 

" Alright. Its just, I can tell that you like this boy very, very much and I don't want to ruin anything."
"Mom," I smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too, honey." she said, hugging me tightly. 

"Spaghetti ready yet?" my father asked, walking into the kitchen where our sappy, lovey dovey, cheesy mother daughter moment was occuring.

"Nope, but we're waiting on Liam anyway." Mom answered.

"Oh, yes. When will he be arriving?" Dad inquired.

"Soon, the storm is slowing him down." my Dad nodded, coming over and hugging me from behind. He took some of my cookie dough.

"I can tell you really love this Liam guy, Kate." he said, and I smiled.

"You're both gonna love him too." 

"Mom, Dad, he's here!" I hurried to the door, flinging it open and running outside. 

"Kate!" he called, a huge smile on his face, when he saw me.

"Liam!" he ran up and hugged me, kissing me on the cheek. "C'mon, lets get your stuff." we grabbed his bags and carried them in the house, where my father took them and carried them upstairs.

"Mrs-" Liam started, but Mom cut him off.

"Angie. Call me Angie." she stated, shaking his hand.

"Angie, its nice to meet you." Liam said, smiling.

"Liam, I presume?" my dad said, coming back in.

"Yes, Mr-" and my dad cut him off too.

"James." he stated, and Liam nodded, smiling. 

"Pleasure to meet you, James." Liam and my dad shook hands, seemingly sealing off the deal.

"C'mon, Liam. We'll go on a tour of the house." I grabbed his hand and walked him out of the kitchen and up the stairs, to my old room.

"Do they like me?" Liam asked once the door was closed, his eyebrows furrowed.

"They love you, Liam." I said, kissing him softly on the lips.

"And I love you." he said.


hope this is okay, you said to suprise you, soooo... :) 

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