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“NIALL STOP EATING THE CHEETOS!” you yell as you run past the kitchen and hurry towards your ringing cell phone. You hear Niall groan as you pick up your phone and answer the incoming call.
“This is the girl from the birthday party?” asks a voice from the other end.
“Yes,” you reply breathlessly. These must be the friends of Liam’s that the boys called for you. Maybe they wanted directions.
“Right, well, turns out we can’t come today, sorry.”
And with that, the line goes dead. Your stomach drops as you look around the half empty living room. There were supposed to be about thirty people here, and there were only ten, including Zayn, Harry, Niall, and yourself. What a brilliant party this was turning out to be.
You had wanted to do something special for Liam’s birthday this year. He’d been so busy with the tour and recording and just life that he hadn’t had time to relax, and you’d wanted to throw him a surprise party. 
It was supposed to be outside, but it was raining. There were supposed to be more people here, but they had just called to say that they weren’t coming. Things weren’t really going as well as they were supposed to…
You check your watch and realize that Louis is supposed to be bringing Liam back here in fifteen minutes. You groan as you look at the house. It definitely didn’t look like a party in here.
“Zayn, Harry, can you two put up these streamers?” you ask the boys, tossing them the colorful rolls of crepe paper.
 The boys catch the streamers with ease, and they stand to do the job. You rush back to the kitchen to find Niall staring at the half empty cheetos bowl. 
“Niall, fill that up, would you?” you say, pointing to the pantry where the extra bags of chips are. The blonde boy nods and walks to the pantry. 
You feel like you’re forgetting something. Your stomach is in knots already because of the failing party, but something just feels off…. MUSIC! You’d forgotten to get someone to do the music! How could you forget that?
“Crap crap crap,” you mumble to yourself as you go back to the living room and drop down in front of the shelf holding your cd player and huge collection of cds.
You begin to look through them anxiously. Liam liked The Script. You had to have one of their cds somewhere. You look up and down the shelves, but you don’t see one. You hear Zayn call your name and you turn around to see one wall and one wall only covered in bright green streamers.
“Do you have anymore?” he asks. “We’re out.”
“No,” you say softly, biting the inside of your cheek. “That’s it.”
Zayn’s face softens. 
“It’s not that bad,” Harry says. “It’s okay! Liam’s going to like it just fine!”
You appreciate Harry trying to make you feel better, but it doesn’t work. You finally find The Script cd and push it into the cd player. You turn the volume up, and it doesn’t go very loud. It can barely be heard over the chatting of the six people who decided to show up to celebrate their friend’s birthday.
You sigh, clenching your jaw. This had been such a stupid idea. Why did you think that you could do this? It had been stupid to think that you could do something right, that you could do something well. Liam was going to hate this. The music sucked, there were next to no party decorations, and –
“Where are the extra cheetos?” calls Niall from the kitchen. He pokes his blonde head into the living room and looks at you expectantly.
“Bottom shelf,” you tell him, turning around slightly.
“Nope, they’re not there,” he replies.
You get up and go into the kitchen and follow Niall to the pantry. He’s right. There are no more chips in the pantry. You cover your face with your hands. The music sucks, the party decorations are hardly even decorations, and there was half a bowl of cheetos for food. What a great party.
“Hey, they’re here! Everyone hide!” calls Zayn from the living room. 
Everyone gets up and scurries behind the sofa and the recliner. Some go into the hallway, all trying to get out of view of the door. 
“Niall, can you help me get the cake?” you ask urgently, glancing at the refrigerator. He nods and you hear the front door open.
“SURPRISE!” everyone calls. Yeah, great surprise, you think to yourself. Even if all else fails, you still have the cake. 
“Wow, guys,” you hear Liam say as you pull open the refrigerator door.
With a loud crash, the two layer cake goes tumbling from the refrigerator to the floor, smashing into a huge mess of frosting and cake bits. You can’t move. You vaguely hear Niall shout a string of curse words, and you’re semi aware of people walking into the kitchen.
Your throat closes up and you close your eyes, trying to keep the tears from falling. You try to count backwards from ten, but it doesn’t calm you down. You feel like you’re on the verge of having a panic attack. The cake is on the floor in a million pieces in front of you. It’s gone. 
Your hand goes up to your mouth to muffle your sobs, and you feel a pair of arms wrap around you from behind and place a kiss on your temple.
“Shhh,” says Liam into your ear. “Babe, it’s okay.”
You turn around and try to push Liam off of you. You don’t want his pity right now. You ruined things.
“It’s not okay!” you say loudly, and you can see the others inching out of the kitchen. “I ruined it! This party sucks because of me!”
“No, no it doesn’t,” Liam tries to say, but you cut him off.
“Yes it does, Liam. You can’t even hear the music because it’s out of my crappy CD player! There are no decorations because I ran out of crepe paper! The food is nearly nonexistent! And your cake –“ your voice cracks at this point. “You don’t even have a cake anymore! How can you say –“
Liam cuts you off this time, pressing his lips to yours to get you to shut up. He pulls away after a second and catches your face in his hands. He moves his thumbs over your cheek bones, wiping away the tears that fell during your outburst. His chocolate brown eyes lock onto yours and you calm down a little.
“Listen to me, love,” he says softly, never stopping the movement of his thumbs. “It’s perfect. This party is perfect. You know why?”
You shake your head no.
“It’s perfect because you did it for me. You, my gorgeous, wonderful, amazing girlfriend, tried to throw me a surprise party. You did all this for me,” he tells you, almost whispering the last part. He touches his forehead to yours and your hands go up to his wrists. “I get to be with you on my birthday. And that’s all that matters.”
You finally smile, and the pit in your stomach starts to close up. He really thinks that? He doesn’t hate it? Then, suddenly, before you know what he’s doing, Liam crouches to the ground. When he comes back up, you don’t even have time to process what’s happening before he smears cake and icing across your cheek.
“Oops,” he says with an adorable smile. Your mouth drops open and he laughs at your face.
“You do not want to start this war with me, Payne!” you say, backing away from the birthday boy.
“Is that a challenge?” he asks with a smirk.
And suddenly you’re chasing Liam around the kitchen with a fist full of cake in your hand, the horrible party fiasco forgotten. You manage to nail him in the side of the head so there’s blue icing in his hair. He mock gasps and reaches for the pile of cake on the floor, coming up with his finger covered in icing. 
In a matter of seconds, you’re pinned against the counter with Liam wiping blue frosting on the tip of your nose. You giggle at his look of satisfaction. 
“What?” he asks, but in response you just wrap your hand around the back of his neck and pull his lips down to yours. You feel the butterflies in your stomach as Liam grabs you and lifts you onto the counter so he’s standing in between your legs. 
You tangle your fingers in his silky hair and his hands go to your waist. You shiver as he pulls away from your mouth and attaches his lips to your neck, leaving a trail of kisses on your tingling skin. You manage to pull his lips back to yours, and after a second you both separate, breathing heavily. He rests his forehead on yours and smiles at you, making you feel like you’re the luckiest girl in the world.
“Happy birthday, Liam,” you whisper.
He chuckles and you can feel the vibrations from his chest under your hands.
“Best birthday ever,” he replies.
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