I sat in the car drumming on the steering wheel. My older sister was on summer vacation with her boyfriend and I was picking her up from the airport. I saw paparazzi and screaming girls everywhere, so I went outside to investigate. I was wearing shoes that are quite high so when I was walking across the uneven ground I tripped in fell into someone's arms. I thought it was my sister because they brought me to my car. I sat back down in the front seat and turned to see a teen boy walking away. I was about to call for them but I saw a note with a phone number on the ground. I put it in my contacts and waited for Lily. "Courtney!!!" Lily yelled. We hugged then I drove her to my flat. She went to my room and I followed her. I told her about the boy and she snatched the note and the phone then ran away. When she came back she said, "His name is Liam and he's coming over." Lily said. I panicked and when I settled we watched Ellen until Liam came. "Hi...Carrie...?" Liam said. "Courtney!" Lily said. She waved goodbye and left. No! My wing woman. I was about to make small talk when I felt fireworks and bombs. I realized I was being kissed. I was about to push him off when it clicked, Liam, paparazzi, and fans...OMG Liam Payne! "So will you be my girlfriend?" Liam said. "Maybe....YES!!!!" I screamed. Lily barged through the door and yelled, "I knew it!" We burst out laughing, then stayed up all night (no pun intended) watching Harry Potter.

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