It's hard to say goodbye,My work for building&design project in Singapore come to an end.
did you guys still remember around 1/6 years ago, it was difficult to me to make decision to choose this job.
i don't expecting to myself going this far.
i just graduated(from master degree)moving to new surroundings,meeting new ppl.actually i just realized i dislike to change what i ever used to.sometimes,i look like the same old love story.i surprising to myself that i do well,i love my current things,status,career and people.that why i state it that i dislike to change(or now get back to old place)

I get offer a job to do project at head office in San Francisco..i get 1 month to make decision to accept or back home?
here come again like a dejavu.

It's time to face to the same path again.
i love both for what i do.i studied hard to get a job and both licenses(Engineer+Architect)i feel like such a waste. as the same time be a baseball player is also my life.back then when i talking about baseball there were sparking shine out my eyes.i play baseball (for league)since i was 16 without baseball is no me like nowadays.however i growing in love for being a Structural Engineer/Architect.
i just want to reminding myself that i cannot betray my baseball team.

Sometimes,i wish i can do for both but in reality there's only one.

(you can casually talk to me if you want to,i just want to let out my heavy thought..)

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