life as a werewolf

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i like this collection so much omg! i think i've found my aesthetic for the day

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#lonelylilacinspo aaAAAAA

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my lovelies {special taglist}:
@etinim: jacey bae!!!! where do i even start??!! you’re one of my bests of best friends. i love our very strange yet amazing friendship and i wouldn't change it for anything else!!! even though i don’t know pretty much anything about anime i still love your sets!! i love you my pan lover!!!!
@twist-oflemon: first off you’re one of my most favorite accounts on here!! your sets are SO FAB!!! and you’re such a rad person like how!!?? i was so excited when you let me join your tip/icon account!! i'm so glad we started talking!!!
@the-duck-life: your music taste is incredible!! also i’m SO happy you’re on my tip/icon account and your sets are amazing!!! you seem like such an amazing person, i’d love to talk with you more!!
HOLY CHEESE BALLS!!! i love you and your account!!! you are honestly so so sweet and your music taste is on point!!
@burymeinmemory: i adore all your sets!! i’m glad to say that you were once part of my other account!! you’re such a super rad person that has an AMAZING taste in music!!!
@mrsmotionless: your music taste is SO PERF!!! like omg how!!? we pretty much listen to the exact same bands. also your sets are pretty damn cool!
@thenerdinblack: your sets are fab and your taste in music. i’m so glad i stumbled across your account i don’t know how i lived without it before xD

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taglist no. 1

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taglist no. 2

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taglist no. 3


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