Alexa Coyne
Age; 24
Model; Izabel Goulart
Bio; Ever since she moved to Walker Estates, Alexa has been best friends with Devin. She's also dated one jerk after another. Just as she was ready to give up on love, she met Kent. It seemed like a fairytale, but she was soon brought back to reality when she found out that Kent is Devin's brother. Devin has asked Alexa to stay away from Kent for reasons unknown, but Lex just can't stay away. Will she be able to keep her promise to Devin, or will their friendship finally come to an end?
Relationship status; Can't stay away from Kent Waldorf
Taken by; Mademoiselle Charlotte-▲

Top Four;
1. Alexa Coyne
2. Brooke Andrews 
3. April Compton
4. Shay Northman

As I felt kiss after kiss I couldn't help but think how I got here. Feeling heartbroken was a normal feeling for me but one I would rather not feel yet still did. Devin Waldorf had been my best friend and was always there when the jerks left me and broke my heart. Still I didn't give up on love and when I met Kent, I knew I made the right decision. 

"Kent," I breathed out as the shaggy blonde kissed along my neck, "Devin will be looking for me soon."

Taking his lips of my neck, "That is why you closed the door so we could hear dearest sister coming." He explained looking into my eyes as I looked at his blue eyes. 

Our short time together was spent with stolen kisses, like now here in the Waldorf kitchen. When Devin found out I meet Kent, she told me to stay away from him but that deemed to hard a challenge for me. So we meet in secret not telling a soul. 

Looking back at his eyes I noticed his normally blue eyes were now darker with lust and sparkling with mischief, the look just sent thrills throughout my body. I latched my hand into the locks of his hair and pulled him closer to me. "Well then, kiss me now." I ordered in a whisper that he gladly obliged to.

As my hand were wrapped in his hair, Kent's hands gripped my waist pulling me closer to his body and further from the counter. As one hand continued to hold onto my waist the other started to move up one side of my body. 

Breaking from the kiss to regain air, he started to kiss down my neck and to the part of my chest that wasn't covered by my zipper-front bandage dress. The trail of his hot kisses against my skin sent shivers down my spine. Taking his lips from my skin he moved them back to my swollen lips. His hand now gripped the zipper of my dress, slowing moving it down bit by bit. 

"Lex? Alexa?" I head Devin calling, I broke from the contact I had with Kent. I zipped up my dress and wiped the smeared lipstick off hoping my lips didn't look to swollen. While Kent stood there smirking calming fixing himself. 

"In the kitchen Devin." I called back to my friend and mouthed to Kent to play along. "Kent, just go hang out with your friends." I angrily spat at him.

"All I asked was how was the new jerk-off." Kent said calmly, which was his normal demeanor. 

"Kent, why are you such an @ss sometimes?" Devin asked as she rounded the corner to the kitchen. 

"Your the one always talking about the jerk she's with so I was just asking how he was." He said laughing before sipping at his water. "Just trying to be nice."

"Sorry Lex, I told him to leave you alone." Devin said taking the fruit bowl and the forks I had gotten out before being so distracted. I noted that not only had she told me to stay from him she had told him to stay away from me. "What took you so long anyway?"

"My Dad called wondering when I was heading home. I told him around eight." I said smiling, "Lets get back to our movie." I said. 

During out conversation, Kent lounged against the fridge drinking his water. As I walked behind Devin I made sure to stay behind her a few steps. "Come to my place as nine." I whispered to Kent as I passed him. As I continued to walk out of the kitchen and towards the corner, I felt Kent's gaze on my retreating form so I added an extra sway to my hips. Just as I rounded the corner I winked back at him.

"So Dev, do you think your going to that party tomorrow?" I asked as I closed the door behind me.

"Yea, I miss seeing the girls." She answered as she started the movie. 

As we watched the movie, I thought about the lies I had been giving to my friend. She wanted me to stay away from her brother for some reason and I couldn't stay away. It felt right being with him and I was risking my friendship with my best friend over this secret relationship. I felt bad but I couldn't help feel happy - he just made me happy and I liked being with him. I just hoped I wasn't making a mistake by going behind Devin's wishes.
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