Paradise - Coldplay

When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach so
She ran away in her sleep
And dreamed of
Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise
Every time she closed her eyes

When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
And the bullets catch in her teeth
Life goes on, it gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear a waterfall
In the night the stormy night she'll close her eyes
In the night the stormy night away she'd fly

And dreams of
Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh
She'd dream of
Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh-oh

And so lying underneath those stormy skies
She'd say, "oh, ohohohoh I know the sun must set to rise"

This could be
This could be
Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh
This could be
This could be
Oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh-oh

I was tagged by the lovely @gintaryt-loveless in her beautiful set:

1. Your name: Anna
2. Your age: 17
3. Your birthday: 18th of June
4. Your hair color: ginger
5. Your eyes color: hazel green
6. Your height: 
7. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: nope:( no one likes me. lol.
8. If you said yes what´s his/her name?: -
9. Are you in love with someone?: no...
10. Do you have brothers or sisters?: one sister
11. If you have what´s their name?: Victoria
12. Your fav color: black, i guess.
13. Your fav food: pizza and strawberries. or just fruits, in general. oh and vegetables.
14. Your fav sweet: chocolate
15. Your fav color: look question 12 : ]
16. Your fav pair of shoes: ummm, my newest heels maybe?
17. Your fav clothes: dresses, i don't really like pants much... though i don't like going to school in dresses / skirts.. lol.
18. Your fav actor: Johnny Depp, Anthony Hopkins.
19. Your fav actress: 
20. Your fav movie: oh there's so many... marie antoinette for example.
21. Your fav tv show: -
22. Your fav tv series: House, Grey's Anatomy, GG, PLL, VD, True Blood...
23. Your fav movie soundtrack: let me think about tahat...
24. Your fav singer (male): 
25. Your fav singer (female): 
26. Your fav band/group: again, there's too many. the kills probably, though.
27. Your fav song: yeah... there's tons of my fav songs xD lately- Paradise by Coldplay
28. What kind of music do you like?: rock, indie... i'm pretty open to anything actually.
29. What kind of movies do you like?: i'd say all.
30. You fav model (male): Francisco Lachowski and Jon Kortajarena ;))
31. Your fav model (female): Lily Donaldson, JAC, Magda Frackowiak, Frida, Rosie Huntington Whitely...
32. Your fav tv president (male): -
33. Your fav tv president (female): -
34. Your fav politician: none.
35. Your fav book: 
36. Your fav writer: 
37. Your fav book series: Harry Potter and The Hunger Games Trilogy, if it counts.
38. Your fav animal: dogs and cats and horses. and i'm very much attracted to birds too.
39. Do you have a pet?: a dog, a cat and two birds.
40. What brand is your sunglasses: which pair?? ;D
41. Do you have a nickname?: not really...
42. If yes what is it?: -
43. Do you ever killed someone?: if so, it's not for you to know! xD
44. Do you ever steal?: no.
45. Do you like football?: ummm not really.
46. Who is your fav player?: -
47. Do you like basketball?: no.
48. Who is your fav player?: -
49. Can you lick your elbow?: yes, haha.
50. Your grade in Math: sorry, what??
51. Your fav subject: english and history.
52. Your worst subject: physics, god i HATE it.
53. Have you ever eaten paper? yep!
54. What do you want to be when you´re older?: please, don't ask me that. i have no idea. i'm really lost lately with everything that's going on right now and i can't even think of it...
55. What time is it?: 10:33 pm
56. The last word that you say: jasne. (it's in Polish)
57. Do you like hats?: sometimes.
58. If you´d have to be a monster - which one?: maybe a vampire?
59. Choose a number: 7.
60. CHOOSE: romantic novel or history book: a historical romance novel!
61. Where are you from?: Poland.
62. Favourite saying: sweet! / sweetaśne / przesweet, it'll be ok!
63. Do you believe in God?: no.
64. What would you like to be if you were not human?: a bird? so i could fly away, very far away.
65. The historical person who you like the most: Audrey Hepburn, Leonardo da Vinci...
66. Tell words starting with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z: 
67. What are you listening right know?: Strange Times - The Black Keys
68. Fav kind of ice cream: strawberry and chocolate.
69. Fav computer game: the sims 3.
70. Fav actor in tv series: 
71. Fav actress in tv series: 
72. Fav role in a tv series (male): 
73. Fav role in a tv series (female): Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester)
74. Fav flower: peonies, orchids and hortensies and one more, which one's name i forgot ;D
75. Your worship song: ?
76. Fav cartoon (male): 
77. Fav cartoon (female): 
78. Fav fantasy creatures: 
79. Fav drink: coffee or water. maybe water actually, cause you need water to make coffee ;D
80. Fav musical: 
81. Fav amusement park: -
82. Attraction at the amusement park: 
83. Weather: now? awful.
84. Do you like summer?: yes!
85. Do you like winter?: no...
86. What about spring?: yes.
87. And fall?: yeah.
88. Which famous villain from a novel you´d like to be?: 
89. Have you ever won a competition?: yes.
90. If yes what?: 
91. Looking for something at Google?: yes.
92. What is supposed to represent your avatar?: 
93. Would you rather be a princess or a witch?: a witch x)
94. Are you really good at school?: i used to be, haha.
95. You read magazines?: yes.
96. Your fav magazine: Elle, Glamour, Vogue, In Style, ...
97. Which cell phone do you have?: motorola.
98. Do you have freckles?: yes:/
99. What´s your best friend name?: ala, karola.
100. tag here some people you like here on Polyvore that you think they are good friends: @bubbles-of-fun, @melissa-beee, @de-si-ree, and everyone who likes my sets<3 Thank you so much! ))))

PS. i'll answear the rest of the questions soon, promise!
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