Ironic {Alanis Morisette}

Oh, I don't really like this set but whatever.

So, I decided to write a story for Mariam Rose, a past rp character created by me. I will write for others, too. But I just read my old stories about her and I saw that there's a lot of potential. 
Of course you don't have to read that story, but I'd be happy if you do so:)

After dating -or is a meeting without a kiss even a date?- I started to trust David. He played by the rules he'd put up himself and after all, I wouldn't have thought that. 

We had the annual party for the parents of LPP students. This year, my parents wouldn't come because they had so much to do. Plus, they already knew the school because of my sister Isabella. 
David picked me up, though. 

"Come on Mariam, it'll be fun, I promise", he said. He always flirted with me, but not like before. I thought he even saw me like his younger sister or something like that. I didn't know how to feel about that. On the other hand, I had a new friend.

"Sure", I rolled my eyes and closed my skirt. Then I put on some earrings and slipped into my heels. "Ready to go."
He offered his arm to me and we walked into the biggest building of the campus where there was always a great hall and a large dining room. 

"Mum, dad", David started as we reached his parents, "this is Mariam, a friend of mine."

"It's great that we finally get to know you. David tells so much about you and-", his mother smiled, but David interrupted her. 

"Don't we want to sit down?" I followed the family towards the table and found my seat next to David's. On his other side, there was a free chair. 

"Who is this for?", I wanted to know and he looked at the card. Then a smile spread across his face. "Oh, just a professor I think", he mumbled and turned away while I sipped my champagne, being pretty bored. 
 Suddenly, someone put his hands over my eyes and mumbled "Hey, little."
I flew around, directly into the arms of my older sister, Isabella. There she was, looking absolutely perfect as usual, Her hair was shiny, her dress was gorgeous and she had just the right tan. As usual, she was everything I wasn't. 

"What are you doing here? Aren't you to spend the time with your fiancé?", I asked after we'd hugged. 

"I had to fly to Paris because of my job. And then I thought it would be a great idea to visit you and my old school", Bella explained.
"Hey, we never met before. I'm Isabella, Mariam's older sister", she introduced herself to David. 

"I guess I'm your neighbour at this table. My name's David", he said and pointed towards the free chair next to him. He stood up to make it ready for Bella to sit down and she shot him her widest smile. 

"So you went to LPP, too?", he asked curiously. "Mariam didn't tell much about you except that you're beautiful. She was right."

"Oh, thank you", Isabella responded, closing her eyes for a moment like she would be ashamed of his comment. "Yes, I used to be here until I met ,y fiancé, Greg."

"The love of her life", I added and watched David.

"Or whatever you want it to call", Bella sighed and I thought that her reasons to be here weren't only the ones which she'd told me about. I hoped to have enough time after the dinner to talk to her. 

"Love at first sight?", David asked and ate a bit of lobster.

"It's such a funny story. Mind, Bella?", I said but I didn't wait for her answer. "First, she was engaged to his brother. But then both of them cheated on each other -Jason was the first one- and now she's with Greg."

David eyes got rounder. "No wonder that you have troubles with boys. I guess you're exactly the type they like. Better, I know", he complimented her. Instead of realizing how I felt about this, Bella just grinned and blinked into my direction.

After the dinner, we walked into the great hall to dance. Because there were a lot of parents, they started with the slower dances. 

"Hey Bella, do you want to take the first dance?", David offered. 

"Is it okay for you?", she asked, but she was already ready to go.

"Oh, Mari won't mind. We can dance daily", David laughed it off and the two of them went to the dance floor.

"Maybe not anymore", I mumbled, sitting down on a sofa, watching the two of them waltzing elegantly through the room. After some time, I couldn't stand it anymore, so I walked away to the terrace. I hided behind a couple of flowers because I wanted to be alone.

"It's such a wonderful night", I heard someone sighing. It was Bella's voice. 

"Right", David answered shortly. They were together, here, in the dark! I remained calm so they wouldn't notice me.

"David you're not Mariam's boyfriend, aren't you?", Bella asked. I could see the two of them standing close to each other.

"No", he shrugged and it seemed like he wanted to continue. But then he didn't go on.

"Then...", Bella whispered and pulled herself even closer, "then kiss me. Now."

I gasped, but they didn't even notice it because David had taken a step away and had bumped into a flower pot.

"Isabella, you're engaged", he simply said.

"Doesn't matter", she muttered, grabbing his hand. "It's the right time now. And I know you want to, too."
Tears started to stream down my cheeks.

"Don't get me wrong, please. You're amazing as far as I know. But I... I love Mariam. I just can't tell it to her. And you shouldn't do things like that. What did you ask me, Isabella?"

"Because I need to fell wanted again."

"You're selfish. But please, please don't tell Mariam about this, okay? About what I said?"

"Okay. And you don't tell her that I wanted to kiss you", Bella added and the two of them walked into the room again while I sat there, still shocked and happy at the same time.

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