~ "Eden" by Sara Bareilles. (:

I am in a play this week, so that's why I haven't pestered you guys with a ton of sets. It's quite hilarious, because the title song is about a garden and my play is 'The Secret Garden.' I perform tomorrow and I'm excited! That's all for my mini life blog.

Extra Credit:
Entire set blue, pink, purple, green 
(depending on group) -10 points x
More than one person- 5 points x
2 points for every extra person after the second person x
Tagging your group- 2 points x
Total: Nineteen points.

✪ Green Goddesses
O1. @saywhatitslil-miss-ada ♥ Ada
O2. @kenzie-maexoxo ♥ Kenzie
O3. @caitlinvanderlip ♥ Caitlin
O4. @dreamer4lifexx ♥ S.S.
O5. Me (;
O6. @hopelessly-insecure ♥ Andy
O7. @nadatheamazing ♥ Natalie
O8. @nicciclark-suupernerd ♥ Nicci
O9. @skylabreeze ♥ Skyla
1O. @kyrall ♥ Kyra
11. @krystalnight07 ♥ Raylene
12. @only-hum4n ♥ Bridget
13. @dj-vj ♥ Vanessa
14. @driftwood13 ♥ Skye
15. @dream-0n-dreamer ♥ Emily

Caroline (: xx
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