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This set is dedicated to Ezster - Check out her gorgeous sets ^-^
Hello, there :) This set is for you. Thank you for the two sets you made me in the past, that's so so generous of you, thank you! So I've finally made one for you, just got round to it (finally). I see that you used a lot of models in your sets, so I'd thought I use a model too, of the brunette-haired girl in the snow (she has beautiful hair!) and I think that coat is quite fitting to mood of this set for you. My fave items has got to be that pink typewriter (how cool!) and couldn't resist placing the Hunger Games book too, which is what I'm reading atmXD. Hmm yummy cookies :) 
Anyways, enough of my rambling (I do that a lot), I hope you like it!!! I adore your sets, they're so stylish and original :) Much love, XOXOXO
I realised how soft my sets are getting...oh. Is that a good thing? Bad thing? XD. I'm a perfectionist freak. 
This Charlie McDonnell youtube video of him attempting to portray an American accent which is HILARIOUS:
My favourite line is, "Ya'all come back now, ya'hear?" it sounds like Texas accent in a mocking way, so funny! I don’t know who I prefer now, Alex Day or Charlie McDonnell? XD. Alex with his Twilight vids are epic, they’re almost! But with Charlie, he’s brilliant also, ah love his green eyes. They’re like an emerald colour.
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