2013/04/22 I'm so tired...:(
Can you help me answer/or give your opinion for these 2 question? [i just want to know I was wrong or you also got this problem]
1.What if i deleted picture that i was posted on Tumblr and deleted those pics that i clipped for polyvore ,will this can change to picture that share on pinterest/weheartit? ** those picture original are mine 
http://pinterest.com/mirodjip/ acc name mirodjip 
and blogger Fumiko Kawa 
share or pin or whatever you call my personal pic on their blog outside PV and tagged with #vintage #hair style #Korean model 

 I'm not a Korean Model ,i know i was clipped it,never mind if used on this site but problem is polyvore member taken my pic here to pretend to be themselves on their blog ousite PV that why i want to delete. 

to all bloggers on polyvore you can't steal personal stuff that not from lookbook and created your brilliant idea since isn't your. 
2.Does anyone has the same activity like mine
when you can see member who came to save stuff on your sets/your profile?

Does you considering this action is wrong?
No need to read this just a related:
Example,if i same cloth item from @stephaniee90 set by random isn't wrong right!!!
but i found members came to save item from my profile by Browse archives save it from recent 1-20 page of mine[over 200 item in one time] even my personal pic or Kai pics LOL ...

I found member name K not @kittyfantastica don't go to suspect her.
THAT K [another K] went to save cloth item from my sets almost everyday ,later her set was look a like mine even layout.

You can save/used pics from my collection don't get me wrong as the same time so happy if you can used it.
but save all detail and then made another version is definitely wrong.
you need to find your own idea

At least from a bottom of my heart thanks to new changed of polyvore ,pls don't change this activity I love it ,made me sure that's someone copy me long time ago.

How about your opinion?
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