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oh my god this is my first fashion set in literally forever. xD 

but for polyvore's top set-makers, i had to make a set with a complete outfit showing my style, so here it is. (well, technically, the requirements said a SIMPLE set, but whatever. xD) i usually just go with a simple t-shirt, some shorts, and either converse or flip flops. and well. my name is lisa, i'm 13 going on 14, i live in china but i grew up in new jersey, and my team is the amazing artsies. :)

interesting fact: this set is 49 items. :P i had to delete a couple background fillers to make room for the clothes. xD

thank you to - all those amazing polyvorians out there who make collections of fillers. i love you guys. every single one of you. <3

OH and comment if you think i should continue making sets like this? i mean i've never made a fashion set like this before and i was wondering what people think of it. :)
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