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February 1st:
Rank Announcements!! Prepare for the usual, Claridge's ballroom, champagne, and drama.

Aubrey and I stood at the helm of the table, yet again. Everyone was staring at us, some giddy, some stone-faced, some just sitting there like they had nothing better to do. And they didn't. This was what they were here for, and they all knew it.

"Once again, we're all gathered here at the lovely Claridge to announce the new ranks." Aubrey glanced around at everyone, not quite meeting my gaze. We'd still been on the outs. We hadn't exactly made up yet, and I still wasn't sure what I had done wrong.

In fact, I didn't know really what was going on with my life at all. My best friend was barely talking to me, I was single, which I had been for almost ever, no one was really that a great a friend to me because no one really knew me, and being an Elite was nice and all, but what else was there? It seemed like I lived in a rotating cycle and nothing ever changed.

"Those of you who moved up in rank last time, you're safe for now." I said. Khloe, Paisley, Emilia, Tati, Fatima, Imogen, and Nikki all let out visible sighs of relief. The rest of the girls tittered nervously like orchestral prodigies waiting for their time to impress the traveling symphony. 

Aubrey didn't make eye contact with me, but she glanced my way and took a sip of her champagne. "However, the rest of you..." she paused dramatically. That was her thing. She was all about drama. Not always the bad kind, but still.

"The rest of you are also safe." I finally said. "There are no ranks this week."

Everyone kinda just looked at us. Like we were crazy.

"Girls, I know you all have worked for our affections and some of you have shown great promise, but we feel we need a little more time to fully decide on new ranks," Aubrey explained. "If you have a problem with that, we'd be happy to move your rank down very easily."

Everyone was quiet then.

We still had the power. I was just unsure these days on whether Aubrey wanted me to have said power or not.

[comment if you read please!! sorry the story is so short, I didn't have much time]
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