Happy Birthday my dear Rainie. ( @rainie-minnie )
I've thanked you a lot of times for your support but it still isn't enough. Because you are always here to follow and support me and I will never thank you enpough for that.
For your birthday I wish you love and happiness. I wish you to do what you love and to have a lot of great persons around you. I wish you to follow your dreams and never stop dreaming, so your dreams can come true. Remain the same toughtful and nice person you are. Continue with the great work you do here on Polyvore and have fun in everything you do.
xoxo, anja

This will be a little long, if you'd like to read it :)
This set has a little bit different layout and behind every item I chose there's a reason.
Hope you like this set because I think I could do better.

I changed the layout because I wanted this set to be something special and a little bit different.
Lace and leather is one of my favourite mixes. Leather is maybe the fabric I love the most (besides silk :) ).
I chose peonies because these flowers are really beautiful and they seam so classy.
The clutch has almost the same pattern as the top Bianca is wearing on the photo.
Well there's of course a reason why I choose Bianca Balti; she's the most normal person I've ever seen. She works as a model but in real life she's so simple, there's nothing sublime in her.

Hope you like it. This is the shortest description of it I could make. I decided to write it to let you know why maybe all the items aren't working so well together. I wanted this set to have a bigger meaning beyond every choice.

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