1. seth macfarlane is being a total dou.che onstage at the oscars. worst host ever. emilia deserves so much better than that... may i suggest eddie redmayne? 

2. speaking of eddie, he rocked that red carpet. and joseph gordon-levitt. they both did. hell yes. THEY MADE THE RED CARPET THEIR B.ITCH.

3. i don't actually have cable so i'm at home right now crying because i missed the les mis cast performing "one day more" which is one of my favorite songs in the musical and i hate life.

4. school is kicking my a.ss. i have three tests this next week and i'm ready to die.

5. i watched an entire season of how i met your mother on netflix last night. yes, my mom bought me a netflix account. THEREFORE RUINING MY LIFE. why hello, sherlock, doctor who, parks & recreation and basically every other tv show i love...

6. guess who finally got combat boots? 2 PAIRS? if you guessed me, you're right ;]

7. how's everyone else doing?
leave me a friendly comment? :]

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