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No one will ever forget the headline of the styles section in the Sunday times that rainy summer morning. 'Famous Socialite, Olivia Carmichael, Killed before her Time'. Anyone who was anyone knew Olivia. Everyone loved her, and hated her for that same reason. She was the 'it' girl of the notorious Upper East Side in Manhattan. She was killed in the middle of the night, in a horrible car accident only a couple blocks from her apartment building. Now people have come from all over for her funeral. Everyone who was ever lucky enough to be considered her friend has come out for this over done event. What happens when people who haven't seen each other in about 5 years are all brought back into the same room for this one event, this one connection that they all still had. What old buried secrets will be uncovered and the ghosts of peoples past revealed.
What is everyone doing now, after college? Are they back in their penthouse apartments, living off of their parent’s money and huge trust funds? Do they have a successful job and making a living for themselves? Or have they completely dropped of the face of the earth not to have been seen or heard from since graduation?
What drama is sure to be exposed?

Please join girls!!!
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