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***Top set on July 24, 2013***

July 18, 2013

Song of the day: Wake Me Up - AVICII

Guys, I really need new music. Help, please! 

Also, can someone give me like a "Rap for Dummies" lesson please? Lol. Because I don't listen to rap, and today I got made fun of by little 10-year old boys because they had made up their own little survey and were asking everyone in the room who their favorite rappers are, and the choices were Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Eminem, and 2 Chainz (whom I've never even heard of before), and apparently, "I don't listen to rap" wasn't a valid answer, so I finally chose Eminem because he's the only one whose music I've ever even heard, and apparently that was a bad answer because I was the only one who picked him. Lol. So that's kind of embarrassing. And then every morning for work, one of the other interns picks me up, and on the first day, this rap song was playing (and obviously I'd never even heard of it), and the intern starts talking about how her favorite music is rap, but how "radio rap" is so bad and not real rap, etc., etc. and I'm just like, "Oh?" Lol. I feel like I need to be more educated on this matter.

Anyway. "Rookie Blue" is on! Yay! My favorite time of the week! :)

Ciao bellas! 

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