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Chapter 2
Class was going on for ages it seemed this afternoon. The clock had stopped moving hours ago and I was trying my best to stay awake. I was not the only one as I heard a yawn coming from behind me. I cautiously turned around in my chair to see whom it was trying not to cause too much attention to myself; the boy saved me from the Neanderthal the other night. He caught my gaze and blushed having been caught yawning in class. I felt my own cheeks blush then I quickly turned around and tried to pay attention the rest of class.
As soon as Professor Greggson said we were demised, I gathered my things and ran out of the class and then if that were not far enough away I ran out of the historical fiction building.
“Hey Isolde” said a sweet voice running to catch up with me.
I stopped, silently cursed the heavens and turned around slowly to see Jake Fisher.
“Greggson is awful isn’t he?”He asked pulling up his strap to his backpack.
I nodded hesitantly before finally speaking.”Most days he has something worth while to say, however today he was redundant”
Jake laughed, “So you agree today he was awful good to know. Hey, would you maybe want to get lunch?” He asked smiling with a gleam of hope in his beautiful blue eyes.
“Me? Lunch? I should really work on my novel.”I said stunned having never been asked to go get anything with anyone before.
“Oh, ok I wouldn’t want to disrupt the genius writing process of Ms. Michaels “He said running his hands through his hair.
Before he turned to walk in the other direction I gently put my hand on his shoulder making my entire body feel warm at the smallest touch of another human.
“Thank you Jake for helping me with that guy and the offer. It actually means a lot. Your one of the first people that has showed kindness to me in a very long time so thank you for that” I said letting myself smile freely
He smiled and nodded. “It’s easy to be kind to you Isolde”
I watched him leave letting his words touch me. I had let myself be guarded for so long it was now hard not to be anything but. My surroundings had changed and I was now a college student. Maybe I needed to start to act like it. Could I really act like a teenager of this century? I was not sure if I knew how to begin to be normal. 
A few nights later, I was at my altered in the woods. I had told my roommate not to wait. The look she gave me instantly made me blush. She thought I was secretly seeing someone. In a way, she was right.
“My dear Goddess,
I have been praying to you for so long you have become my only friend. For centuries now that has been enough. I am not complaining because your love and guidance is always my number one focus. Would it be wrong however if I wanted more? Could someone like me really blend in here? I have been on the outside of everything for so long, but being here at this writing Academy I feel as though I want to find happiness. Please give me a sign so I can know I am free to try this path. As always, I pledge my devotion to you and my God. Blessed be”
I blew out the candle on the alter taking a deep breathe in letting the scents feel my nostrils. My thoughts always were clearer after prayer. I took another match and on a whim, I lit another candle incurving a “J.F” on the side. 
“For protection my beautiful guardian angel “I said watching the flame burns until the initials were covered in wax.
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