Light it Up Blue! Autism stuff

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@arabicacup Okay :)

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@those-interrupted Thank you for sharing this information! There are groups that I used to 'follow' such as Komen but no longer do because of similar reasons such as funding and politics.

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@catzmeow @formedbyfire @arabicacup @jlgoodman
Thank you! :)

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Thank you I will take I look into that! and for now I will remove your set! :)

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Thank you for the add! What a beautiful collection, and wonderful for raising awareness.

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Thank you for including some of my sets! I host an Autism Ball every April! To raise polyvore awareness I hope you'll join us next year!

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Thanks for including my sets. Awesome collection for spreading autism awareness.

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Great collection, thanks!

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I'd actually prefer not to have my set in this collection because as someone with autism, I do NOT support Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks does not respect autistic individuals at all, and they have shown this many times over.
Many of Autism Speaks's adverts sound like scare-them-straight ads that make autistic children sound like tragedies, that make it sound as if our parents will struggle so much to raise us that their marriage will collapse (using falsified divorce statistics at that!), and that our autism has "stolen" the real us (mirroring older claims about changelings; unsurprisingly, both get us killed when people try increasingly insane and harmful tactics to "cure" us). One of their adverts revolved around a mother talking about how she would have driven off of a bridge with her autistic daughter if not for her allistic daughter waiting for her at home.
Autism Speaks claims to be an Autism charity, but it hardly supports anyone with Autism (using only 4% of its funds for autistic people and our families). Instead, much of its funding goes towards research on "eliminating" Autism through eugenics. Not a single Autistic member resides on its board (John Elder Robinson was on their board but resigned; see his reasons for doing so here ), and Autism Speaks ignores Autistic adults in favor of concentrating on the families living with Autistic children. Complaints from the actual Autism community have yielded no changes.
I understand that you have autism as well, so I'd strongly recommend that you look into why the autism community in general opposes Autism Speaks. Some links regarding the issue can be found below. For alternatives to Autism Speaks, I would suggesting supporting the Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), the Autism Women's Network, or other similar organizations.
If you read no other links about Autism Speaks, please read this message by ASAN and other disability community organizations:
Thank you,

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@ragnhild-bergan @k-schrager @chileez @babygurl7191 @barebear1965 @runners @gabriele-bernhard
Your are so welcome!! I loved all of your sets! They really show a lot of compassion and really spoke to me! :)

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Thank you!

Wrote one year ago
Thanks for including my sets!! :)

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Thanks for adding my set

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Beautiful collection.....Thank you Hugs Karla

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Thanks 4 adding my sets

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thank you for choosing my set to add to your collection. :)

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Awesome Creations and Collection Dear and Thanks for adding my Set.


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