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Barbara Meier as Angelica "Angel" Jones a.k.a. Firestar

Angelica Jones, a lonely girl raised by her single father Bartholomew and paternal grandmother, discovered that she possessed mutant powers. After her grandmother's death by heart failure and her revelation that she was a mutant, her father sent Angelica to the Massachusetts Academy. Emma Frost, the original White Queen of the Hellfire Club, began training Angelica in the use of her powers for the Club's team of young mutants, the Hellions.

Shortly after her resignation from the Massachusetts Academy, Firestar became a founding member of the New Warriors, when she was invited - or rather, blackmailed - by Night Thrasher into joining, and helped them battle Terrax. Firestar is one of the few mutants left on the planet with her powers intact, after the Scarlet Witch altered reality and decimated the mutant population. She has responded to the Superhuman Registration Act by effectively retiring from her career as a costumed hero.

Her abilities are the manipulation of microwave radiation, flight and the disruption of electromagnetic energy wavelength.
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