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fey louise shaw - june 3
- friday

Today was one of the most memorable days that would ever pass, I'd venture to guess this summer. Today, Brah is a man - or at least he's one year older and I like to think a whole lot wiser. It was bad day for my mother though. She sat stooped in front of the bottom kitchen cabinet muttering to herself as I let myself out. I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd need to sleep at Siev's house for a while. And though the thought sobered me up quite a bit I couldn't let it bother me. Placing Brah in an empty jar I toted him around with me the whole day, doing menial tasks like laundry and food shopping.

I thought about going to Siev's but as soon as my head hit my pillow with the phone in my hand, I was out like a light.

Five hours later I woke with start at a loud noise coming from the kitchen. I was decidedly too sober to deal with anything that I could probably find in that room and quietly climbed out of my window, Brah tucked safely in the crook of my arm. It wasn't till I was half way out of the driveway did I realize that my longboard was at the moment, caged in the driveway rendering me a pedestrian for the night. I sighed heavily and started off on my long trek to the boardwalk. 

It was a breezy night and for that I was thankful because the usual stifling heat would have been unbearable. The instreets were dark with unlit houses, everyone being at the opening, so it was a bit eery to walk too. And it was even scarier when a van pulled up beside me.

"Hey little girl want some candy?" The scream I had building up died in my throat at the sight of the tattoo arms and the mischievous boy they belonged to.

"What the actual f.uck Scotty, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" His laugh sounded throughout the quiet streets as he pushed the passenger door open for me.

I climbed in, happy to be off my feet and cruising down the sidewalk. 

"So I guess I'm dropping you off at the boardwalk?" I look towards him questioningly.

"Does that mean you're not coming with?" 

We stopped at a red light where I saw some of the girls I've come to grow up with. I wanted to say hi but I figured that I'd be a distant memory for them so I kept my hand down.

"Yeah me and these other town folk don't really mix well so I think I'll skip tonight's festivities." I pouted but he just laughed and kissed the back of my hand.

"I'll be at Kat's party if it's any consolation."

I snorted indelicately as I stared at the bright light of the boardwalk.

"F.uck Kat and her party, we should have our own."

"Would Jimmy let you use the lighthouse?" I thought about it for a second before shrugging.

There wasn't anything Jimmy wouldn't do for me but the lighthouse was his baby and he hated to not be in control of a party.

"Maybe I'll ask him when I see him." 

We reached the parking lot of the boardwalk and with a small peck on the lips I was out and into the night. It seemed like the whole ton came out tonight and some looked at me curiously, probably wondering when I had gotten back, but a lot of the kids I went to school with threw smiles my way.

My shoulders unwound as my anxiety melted away. 

I wanted to ride the roller coaster first but my stomach was grumbling and Brah was climbing the sides of the jar in a desperate attempt to leave.

Food would have to come before thrill.

I grabbed two hamburgers and went towards the condiment section where a bright smile greeted me.

"We didn't' think you'd be back this summer." I smiled widely in return, genuinely happy to see Marlie.

During school we never really ran with the same crowd so our interaction were far and dew in between but when we did talk she always had a kind word or a snarky comment to make me laugh. 

We made our way to an empty picnic table with our food.

"How could I miss all this," I gestured widely with my hands, making her roll her eyes. "But really there's nothing like a Delaware summer, trust me on that."

"Please, I don't believe that the girl whose been to Paris could ever say that Delaware is the place to be."

I giggled at her disbelief, ready to make her see my reasoning when some loud yelling directed towards us interrupted me.

'Put down the cheeseburger tubby, you definitely don't need another one.' 'Whoa, what is that like your third one? Save some for the rest of us.'

I pushed the bench from underneath me away and took a step towards the jeering boys with murder in my eyes before I felt Marlie pull me back.

"F.uck those pathetic boys, they're not worth it." 

"I don't care if they're worth it or not, I'm going to shove my foot up both their a.sses and make it come through their mouths so they won't be tempted to open them again." She stared at me for a moment before bursting out in hysterical laughter.

I stood with my mouth gaping while I waited for her to stop laughing.

"You, you should've should've heard yourself." She sputtered, through short bursts of continual laughter and wheezing breaths.

"Wait a minute, you're not angry? I mean, what they didn't bother you?" 

She snorted as the last of her amusement died out. 

"If I let every little thing some inconsiderate said to me affect me then I'd be locked in my room never out having fun. Like I said before, f.uck them, what they think isn't going to make or break me." 

For a full minute all I did was stare at her in disbelief before I threw my arms around her in a hug and placed a large smacking kiss on her cheek.

"Marlie, I wanna be just like you when I grow up."

type 'rolemodel' if you read this. whoop whoop, first collab of asoc. oh and for those of you who haven't made a set past the audition - wassup man?!
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