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    Amazon is launching a Kindle lending program for libraries, and while there are some interesting features included, the plan raises questions about who controls the content in these books, and what happens if Amazon or its publishers change their minds about the terms of the deal.
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    Tweet There are little girls who spend hours on end fantasizing about their dream wedding. The color scheme has been selected since the age of 12, "so you guys better not use blue and yellow," she warns her girlfriends. The ceremony will take place at church because that's what good Catholic girls do, she explains when trying on her imaginary tiara. And the groom, well, he's going to be just dreamy! I'll meet him in college and he'll be my first," she predicts confidently. She'll also have two kids - a boy and a girl para hacer el par - whose names will be Chloe and Angel. "Or maybe I'll name him after his father," she coos. I was never one of those little girls. Contrary to popular belief, the 1st Lady of Love hardly ever thought about real love (my love for New Kids On The Block members did not count). I was too busy escaping with Judy Blume and Christopher Pike and wishing I were one of the Sweet Valley High girls. Then I hit 30. Friends began marrying and [...]