Susannah Larkin
Age: 21
Bio: Susannah, or Susie as the belles call her, has big dreams. She dreams of getting out of Bluebell and going to New York to become an actress, She took all the classes, stared in all the productions. But something, or namely, someone, is holding her back. Will Susannah give up life in Bluebell to go pursue her dreams or will she him keep her in Alabama forever? On one hand being an actress promises riches and fame but on the other she might never find someone who truely understands her again.
Relationship status:It's complicated
Model: Kate Bosworth


Susie has never been your average Belle, unlike the others she's always wanted to go places instead of settle down. Susie had always been a bit free spirited but her desire to be somebody started when she was really little. 

When Susie was six years old her mother brought her to the city, for back to school shopping. As it happened while they were there, Susie who had gotten lost at time bumped into a stranger.They brought her customer service booth, to help her find her mother. In the time She waited, the young woman put on skits for her bringing in eager mall goers for different parts. Finally when Susie mother materialized, the woman greeted her mom and signed a school picture of Susie. Being so young she didn't know who the woman was but everyone else did and a crowd appeared as she left She only found out she was famous when she saw her on t.v. Since then she's always wanted to be famous, a strong just like that woman she'd met in the mall.


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Dottie Malone
 Mae Wilkes
Melanie Earl
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