2 chainz - countdown ft Chris brown 
this song is so dirtayy c'x

omg so me and my bro are watching robots, you know the oone with the blue robot, not the one with will smith it it but the blue robot guy! and like omfg this robot that is a guy dressed up as a girl and is now dancing to hit me baby one more time attacking the enemys lolol I cant even c'x

but enough about mee, more about you c: because you are amazing c': never forget that because you are perf. like so perf. if you don't feel perfect get in my inbox missy or mister because u are ! if you just need someone to talk to im here for u too c: im always here for u guise, you mean the world to me, always remember that bb c:

this is my first set.. with my new windows 8 laptop it was waaaay more difficult to make my sets lololol because its touch screen mouse.. and its even more hard trying to touch screen it then on a mouse.. lolol but ill get better .. sometime soon c'x
so sorry for this sucky set c:

you happy I put you in my set. c'x your welcome 
see boom be happy now c'x

ooooooo follow my friend?
@matt-drew-anon he is a purple pinapple c: js c'x
@your-ch3r she ate a whole bag of candy and didn't share... she regrets nothing c'x !!

okay follow them for me? yea I will love u forever.. wait I already doo c: so I shall say I love uuu again c'x 


yea that's all im lazy today guise lolol
http://www.thiscrush.com/~paigelovesyouuuu <-- do this for me? leave me an anonymous message. love hate... I don't care. c: just leave me something boo c:


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Wrote 4 years ago
oh ok

Wrote 4 years ago
its when u tag people so they can like your set c:

Wrote 4 years ago
what. is. a. taglist.

Wrote 4 years ago
@selenuh-an0n iluffyousomuchsellyboo! ♥ @joosten-bieber-anon you are such a losahh c'x♥ @fuckyeahitsalliei love chuu♥ @taylor-selena-demi-an0nymous iwoulddiewithoutyou c: ♥ @juhstinbeeb4h♥ @selenurmarie-anon { read above cx } ♥ @cher-xo TEHEHE HAY SPONGEBOB/UNICORN BUDDIE! ♥ @gotta-be-one-direction-anons Oh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cx ♥ @official-parkermckennaaa i did this for nicki minaj ♥ @auroraa-anonymous my hannah banana c: hai sexay c; ♥ @taylur-anonymousxo My wifey.. protection is the best thing in life c: ♥ { DOUBLE TAG SWAG } @datswiftanon TAY TAY SWIFFLE c: ♥ @sexy-selly-marie-anon SUNSHINE TWINNIN BUDDIES C: ♥ @swagginsmile Parker and Paige ftw c: @miley-cyrus-bieber-anon-babe SmileyMileyisbackies!!♥ ill put you up laterrr cx @justinbieberanonnn your weird.. lol i like you cx @shawtym4neanon i know you wanna dance with me cx ♥ @selenuham4rie im your tuxedo and your like my bowtie c: ♥ @selenaanonlovies-xo woo woo c: ♥ @caitlinan0n haai c: @itsclarkan0n woo woo c: bacon

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