I need to finish my homework but I'm not motivated at all!!! T_T I want to lay on my bed forever! and I feel guilty about eating just junk food lol! my life is messy!!! hahahaha ok, ok, just a story that's kind of boring, but.... whatever

Seoul Mate http://www.polyvore.com/seoul-mate/collection?id=1507107

As much as I avoided AJ, just next morning I met him again in the lift, I was taking the garbage to the can outside the building, he was half slept and a hoodie was covering his head, in the other hand I was wearing pajamas and fake glasses, my hair was tied to the side and I probably looked as tired as he did. I climbed in the elevator and seconds later the doors closed and Jaeseop turned around, hiding his face and sneezing constantly. 

“I’m sorry” He said in a low voice as he passed by me side, almost pushing me, Jaeseop sneezing again was the last image I caught before he disappear from my sight.

“What else do we need?” G was walking back and forth in our office during lunch time, checking last details for my housewarming party.

“Did you told Min Young about it?” I asked to my friend, he merely replied by nodding and taking his phone out of his pocket.

“Everybody has confirmed they’re assisting, except Zsuzsi”

“Well, she still has some days left to confirm” I said leaning one arm on the desk. “By the way, did you take your medicine?” I asked G, my best friend was allergic to almost every type of substance that could get into his nose, strong aromas, dust, pollen and an interminable list of other elements, no matter how much he tried to cure his allergies it still flourished during spring.

“You nag more than my mom, boyfriend or any other person I know and of course I took my medicine, I know how difficult it was for you to get it from your doctor” He smiled reassuringly, leaning on the table to kiss my cheek. 

That night while I was going back home I spotted a tall figure getting into the building, I could have recognized that person anywhere, specially since he sneezed twice before closing the door behind him. I waited some minutes outside, expecting him to go, but when I was about to go in, a sound came from my bag, it was undoubtedly my cellphone.

“Hello!” I answered cheerfully, not expecting to hear a voice I haven’t heard in about a month.

“How-how are you?” Minho greeted me. I felt how my body lost the strength and I leaned my back against the wall, 

“Why are you calling me?” I asked coldly. Minho gasped uncomfortable but after some second of silence he finally spoke.

“I just- I’m sorry I have to tell you this, but my manager doesn’t know about our break-up and I’d be thankful if you don’t say anything about it” For a moment I thought he called me because he missed me, because he wanted me back and he had realized how much he needed me, but all the hope I gathered inside me disappeared as suddenly as it appeared.

“Don’t worry, I won’t” I said, trying to hide my disappointment, “Goodbye”

“i- I’m…” My heart pounded violently on my chest “Goodbye” He finally said, making me just burst into tears as I tried hard not to threw my cellphone against the ground, while I pressed vehemently the button to hung up.

“Don’t be stupid!” I said to myself, trying to, in vain, calm a little bit “You’re a fashion designer!” I repeat, holding my sobs and using that phrase my best friend would always say to me whenever I was stressed “You can’t cry, fashion designers don’t cry, they’re strong and can… Fashion… designers… they… “ My words got stifled by my cries and my sight was blurred a cause of the tears. I found myself crying miserably as I slowly walked towards the building.

“Sorry, miss are you ok?” Instead of calming down my nerves I just started to cry harder, Jaeseop would be even more annoying if he realized that it was me who he wanted to comfort. I didn’t reply and just hurried my steps as he followed me inside the edifice.
“I didn’t know you were a fashion designer” he finally said when he noticed me, I tried to avoid his gaze but we ended together in the lift, I had my eyes swollen and his were as well.

“I have an allergy” He explained when he noticed that I was looking at his face imprudently 

“Medicine” I replied almost inaudibly.

“Nothing works” He said, “I’ve tried everything but nothing works” The bell announcing we were in the 4th floor rang and for a moment I hesitated, somehow I was there staring at him mesmerized, he looked like a sick kid that makes you want to take care of him, I was glued to the ground, unable to move, but then…

“Hey! Finally you’re here! I’ve been waiting for you! Do you think I have time to lose I have to record a program and…” Suho was saying when I pushed him as I left the elevator, not even giving a last look at Jaeseop.

“May I know what are you doing here?” I asked scowling as I heard the sound of the doors closing behind me.
“Isn’t today your housewarming party?” He asked more to himself as I rolled eyes.

“Friday, Suho! Friday!” I rolled eyes again and shook my head.

“Were you crying?” He suddenly put both of his hands on the side of my arms and looked closely at me.

“Allergies” I excused myself “Do you want to order some sushi and watch a movie now that you’re here? I said trying to avoid imminent questions

“As long as you don’t want me to talk about Minho with you” He replied, gaining a glare from me.

Next morning I woke up so late that I didn’t have time to put make up or anything, I ran out of my apartment with a pair of big sunglasses to cover my face, the lift seemed to be out of function and I simply climbed down the stairs, after all exercising after being as lazy as I had been last days was not that bad. Finally I reached the entrance hall and a tall man greeted me naturally as if it was normal for him to do so every morning.

“Are you feeling better today?” Jaeseop asked with a smile that caused a puzzled expression to appear on my face. He definitely was playing or making fun of me, no doubt about it.

“Are you talking to me?” I scowled behind my glasses.

“Do you see someone else around?” He asked me, I merely shook my head “Listen, I acted like an idiot, I wanted to apologize for thinking you were stalking me, apparently you have a boyfriend” He smiled.

“Boyf…? He's just a friend but yeah, I’m not stalking you and I’m late for work, so bye!” I walked out of the building, of course not without hearing another sneeze from Jaeseop, and was then when I noticed that I had a silly smile drawn on my lips.

The rest of the week I had tons of work to actually care about something, Minho just invaded my thoughts during the nights, when I was home alone, but even so I was too tired to worry about him, G had rested all the importance to the fact he called me, as my best friend saw it, he was just an stupid idol who was not part of my life anymore and I was a busy fashion designer working on a collection, we were not related anymore and I accepted it as well, Minho and I were now strangers, our relation was part of my past, but even though I acknowledged it, it was still hard and that night I was feeling unusually desperate, I put on my shoes and left my apartment even when it was almost 2 am, I just wanted fresh air. Minutes later I was standing outside my edifice, breathing deeply and thinking that that moment would had been perfect with a cigarette, not that I actually smoked, but in days like that day I liked to have one just to relieve my stress. I sighed loudly and decided to go in again, I turned around too press the entrance code, but a light posed on me and the sound of a car parking a few steps away made me look around, of course such a blinding light could only come from a big car, a van to be more precise. A tall man emerged when the door opened and two other guys waved at him.
“Hyung, don’t fall asleep, I don’t want to wait for you tomorrow and dress decently, people has criticized your airport fashion too much already” Dongho said, as he close the door. The van slowly moved away and Jaeseop’s face showed his surprise when he noticed that I was standing there.

“What are you…?” His shaved eyebrow went up, like if he was examining me.

“We already agreed that I’m not stalking you, remember?” I said as I pushed the door open.

“Yeah, su---*sneeze* sure” He said coming behind me “What are you doing outside at this hour?” He looked at me incredulous.

“I have a lot of worries and I can’t sleep” I replied leaning against the wall next to the lift, waiting for it to come “Did you have schedules until this hour?” I asked back, he nodded and leaned on the wall as well.

“And tomorrow we’re going to Colombia” He sighed as he massaged his temples.

“That sounds great, I’d love to go there, it’s not far from my country” I said nostalgically as he turned his body to the opposite side and sneezed again. Finally the doors swung opened and we went into the elevator.

“Do you speak Spanish?” he asked and I nodded as if it was too obvious. I pressed the number 4 in the lift panel and the door closed 

“Just be careful with all your belongings at the airport and make sure to take your ipod fully charged cause it’s such a long flight and…” one of his sneezes interrupted me “and make something with that allergy” He rubbed his eyes and nodded.

“I will, by the way can you teach me some Spanish, anything is good as long as I can say it to the fans” He grinned and I finally was able to understand why the fans compared him with a cat, but once again that annoying sound and the lift’s doors opened.

“Hey! Wait here for a second, I won’t take long” I saw Jaeseop putting that face he usually made when he wanted to say something he would prefer not to say.

“I don’t think…”

“Just wait here, it’s important” I put my hand on the button to maintain the lift in the same place and glanced at him. “It won’t take long!” I begged and finally he agreed as he put his hand on the same place my hand was second earlier and pushed my out of the elevator.

“Don’t take too long” and with that I ran to my apartment as fast as I could, took my bag and dug inside, scattering all my belongings around until I finally found what I was looking for. It didn’t take long until I was facing Jaeseop again.

“Here!” I handed him G’s medicine “Take one now and other before leaving home, they’re pretty good” He still looked puzzled so I added “For your allergy” Jaeseop looked at me directly in the eyes, I felt how I trembled a little bit and how some nervousness invaded my body. We remained still for some seconds until some incoherent words left my mouth. “Eres hermoso” His eyes widened in confusion. “The phrase, the Spanish phrase for you’re beautiful, it’s eres hermosa. Have a nice trip, Bye!” I simply waved my hand quickly and went into my apartment, completely ashamed.

“What the hell were you thinking about, stupid girl!” I slapped myself on the forehead “Eres hermoso?” I repeated, unable to believe I had actually said ‘you’re beautiful’ to him. 

At work, G simply cracked up after I told him my story.

“It’s not funny, not amusing at all” I rolled eyes.

“Ok, ok, but let’s see all of this on the bright side” He said as I gave him a inquisitive glance “You totally stopped thinking about Minho, right?” He smiled widely as I simply frowned.

“Oh yeah, and now you sound like mom” I replied, but the truth was that he was right.
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Wrote 4 years ago
ive been scrolling through your sets and they are truly remarkable! what a talent you are--keep them coming!

Wrote 4 years ago
Awesome story!

Wrote 4 years ago
fabulous set...love the outfit

Wrote 4 years ago
wow, awesome story!!:)



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If you have any doubt, don't hesitate on contacting the moderators ^_^
Thanks and have fun with this challenge!




139 sets from 52 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Hi ladies! New contest!!!!!!
Submit sets with a picture of buildings, cities, shops, etc. There are tons of pics like those out there on Polyvore, but if you need more of an idea of what I mean, look in the details. Your set must have at least 1 picture. Good luck! xx
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