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MY BIRTHDAY IS SUNDAY! <3 Yeeeeee I'm excited. And also Happy Birthday to handsome Jensen Ackles today and Happy Belated Birthday Olivia Palermo! Hers was yesterday and I didn't have time to publish this set until now. AND now I'm finally gonna do that tag...

SO a bunch of you (like really, over 20 people I think) have tagged me for this tag and since I can't even remember everyone, I'm just gonna answer all the different 11 questions of a few of you that I remember that tagged me so sorry if yours aren't included! And also I'll be breaking these rules then I guess... whoops haha.

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 new people.

From @ohofkors
1. What's your favorite childhood memory? 
-Hmm I'm not sure probably just going on lots of vacations with my family! Disney World is always everyone's childhood dream so I guess that was a good one :)
2. What's your biggest pet peeve and why? 
-Lately one of my biggest peeves is when people are really disorganized and unsure even of what they want in the end and yet expect you to understand and comply with everything they want you to do initially.
3. What's your least favorite food? 
-Greasy food? haha I'm a very picky eater so I don't like a lot of things actually...
4. What was your favorite level of school: elementary school, middle school, high school, undergrad, or grad school? Why? 
-DEFINITELY COLLEGE. I didn't hate high school but seriously college is way better so don't lose hope my little high schooler Poly-friends haha.
5. If money didn't matter what job would you pursue?
-Well I want to be a published author no matter what.... But hmm if money didn't matter maybe I'd want to be one of those fashion bloggers that gets to go to all the fashion shows and gets all this exclusive access. 
6. What was your worst outing?
-Uhhhh probably when I got really, really carsick one of the times we went to Colorado. 
7. If you could marry any fictional character, who would it be? 
-OH MY GOODNESS HARD QUESTION ARIA THANKS GOSH. Well there's Tobias Eaton, Augustus Waters, Conrad Fisher, Jared Howe, and several of the guys Sarah Dessen has created haha. Also is it totally weird and conceited to want to marry one of my own fictional characters? Because then Beck Alexander too... ahahah xD
8. Who is your favorite book character of all time and why? 
-MASSIE BLOCK DUH. haha well I was obsessed for quite some time but no hmm my favorite is probably... I DON'T EVEN KNOW RIGHT NOW. This is way harder than I thought. Get back to me...
9. What is a stereotype that you fall prey to?
-Goody-goody smart girl never does anything fun. 
10. If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
-A cute and comfortable dress, a chunky sweater cardigan or denim jacket/shirt and some Acne ankle boots because I've been dying for some <3 or maybe a fancy Valentino ball gown... haha just something that stands out but not over-the-top.
11. What's a fond memory you have of your parents?
-Them just always being very supportive and caring! And always together, I'm so lucky to have parents that truly do love each other <3
12. What was the last lie your told?
-That I liked some type of food when I didn't I think xP

From @istylista 
1. Why do you love your family (parents, siblings, relatives, etc)?
-Because I don't know what I'd do without them! They're my support system and no matter what they'll be there for me. 
2. What are your most favorite books ever in the whole wide world?
3. How often do you wash your hair?
-Every other day (that's what's best for thick curly hair)
4. What's one decision you made that you are NOT proud of?
-Hmmmm.... This decision to give up pop for Lent, I'm dying... ahaha I really can't think of anything. #goodygoodystatusremember 
5. Have you had any injuries/illnesses? 
-I usually get Strep every year, I got food poisoning back in November and it was terrible, I've broken my finger and slit open my eyebrow when I was little... 
6. Do you love Marina & The Diamonds or do you love Marina & The Diamonds?
7. What's your view on filthy rich people and dirt poor people?
-As cliche as it is, you can't judge a book by it's cover. People are always surprising you despite what they are on the outside. 
8. How often do you forgive people? When was the last time you did and why?
-I try not to hold grudges, people usually don't upset me that much because I don't tend to hang around people that would make me upset in the first place. I guess the last time I forgave someone was my grandma when she kept bugging me about boys haha and so she said she was sorry for always talking about them and yeah. She gets obsessed easily when I even mention some guy's name so now I can never do it again unless we're like dating I guess haha.
9. Are you looking forward to growing up or not?
-Well technically I am an adult and it's just a part of life. I say try not to focus on the growing up part, just go through life everyday without thinking about it. Just live.
10. What's the healthiest meal you've ever eaten?
-Fresh fruit and multigrain toast? haha I don't know...
11. Are you a responsible person, as in do you feel ready to be an adult? Can you take care of yourself as in cooking your own meals, cleaning your living space, doing chores, not relying on anyone else to do these things? I feel like I am but I'm still scared when I'll be living on my own. We all need a little help sometimes whether we like to admit it or not.

From @lostinthebigcity 
1. What should you be doing right now? (we all know you're probably procrastinating...)
-Uh nothing because it's Friday, I'm done with my classes, and it's officially my birthday weekend! WOOT WOOT.
2. Biggest Goal?
-To lead an inspiring life.
3. If you were in jail, who would bail you out?
-My parents.
4. Who is your role model?
-My mom! (She just got a big promotion at work too <3) AND JENNIFER LAWRENCE <3
5. Favorite Names? 
-Thomas, Nathan/Nate, Beck (hehe), Elizabeth, Alexa, Blake, Brett, Aspen, Reed, Rhyanne, Conrad, Joshua... I have others I'm blanking on...
6. If you could be someone for the day, who would it be? 
-Jennifer Lawrence.
7. If you could steal someone's closet, who would it be?
8. Last text message you've received. 
-One from @cool-carefree-nonsense and one from my Mom.
9. Turn ons and Turn offs?
-Guys with good senses of humor that can make me laugh and have good style (but still obviously a straight guy haha) and guys that OMG GUYS THAT BITE THEIR LIP I DIE. I also love really pretty eyes and especially guys that make eye contact... mmm <3 I don't like guys who are arrogant and think they are better than everyone. I also don't like guys who curse all the time just for the sake of doing it and thinking it makes them look cool. 
10. Last pm you've gotten.
-I think @limabean-347 :)) 
11. Have you ever cheated on anything? (test, significant other, etc) 
-Pretty sure if you haven't cheated on a test you're lying haha. It's especially basically expected now with half my tests being online...

From @hortensie 
1. Where would you like to travel (name 2 places you want visit the most)?
-VENICE before it sinks (and omg just gave myself TFIOS feels too oh gosh..) AND THE UK OF COURSE!
2. Do you have any phobias?
-I'm afraid of always being in awkward sitiuations... kinda like @diegolohve haha. 
3. Who's your favourite designer and why?
-Probably Valentino because their designs are just so elegant and gorgeous, they always impress me. But I of course love Chanel and I love Kate Spade and Oscar de la Renta.
4. Do you like the country you live in and why or would you like to move somewhere else?
-I love the US even though I want to travel somewhere else so badly haha. The USA is home though!
5. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail in that thing?
-I'd probably go tryout for a cool indie movie role, like for one of my favorite books haha *cough cough John Green or Sarah Dessen cough cough*
6. Do you have tumblr? (If yes, give link)
7. What's your favourite TV show/series/programme?
-I have a million but my faves are OTH, The OC, Skins, (old) Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries probably.
8. If you could change one thing in your personality what would it be?
-To not be afraid to put myself out there and be more outgoing (haha also like @diegolohve)
9. What was the best concert you ever been to? Or who would you like to see on stage live?
-ONE DIRECTIONNNNNNN but I'm going to see Mumford & Sons in September so... we'll see... :))
10. Who's your favourite model and why?
-Everyone knows I love Jessica Clarke but I also love Jacquelyn Jablonski, Camille Rowe, Mila de Wit, Frida Gustavsson... Karlie Kloss of course. I just like models that showcase their natural beauty too, not aways being so... model-y? haha probably makes no sense...
11. Do you ever watch sports on TV? If yes, what kind of?
-Sometimes NBA basketball. 

From @diegolohve 
1) What's your favorite book?
-Very favorite? GAH I guess I'll have to say... The Fault In Our Stars but I have so many....
2) What's your favorite fashion trend of the moment?
-Oversized denim shirts and neon accessories!
3) What do you want to be when you grow up / see yourself doing?
-Being an author and a mother <3
4) What makes you unique?
-I guess the fact that I can adapt to people's personalities and get along with people I don't particularly like. I don't know that's not very unique? haha #fail...
5) What's one regret you have about your childhood? (for example, I really wish I had learned to ski when I was younger)
-Maybe not quitting soccer. Or trying out lacrosse, I always wanted to try but never did.
6) Describe your style in real life.
-Girly but casual and put-together. 
7) What age of your life was your favorite and why?
-Hmm probably right now, 18's been pretty good even though I'll be 19 in 2 days haha.
8) What's your favorite quote?
-Basically anything by John Green... I also like Kurt Cobain's "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are."
9) What kind of person are you/were you like in high school? (i.e. are you the really studious type, the party-girl type, the class clown, the class president, etc.)
-The goody-goody smart girl who blushed a lot and was really quiet haha.
10) Say one random fact about yourself.
-I have this fantasy of meeting some guy on vacation and having a little fling ahaha what I don't even know ignore me...
11) Describe yourself in 5 adjectives.
-Responsible, Cautious, Determined, Intelligent, Personable. 

From @lovecocotutu 
1) If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would it be?
-Jennifer Lawrence (yes people I just want her to be my best friend), Audrey Hepburn, and John Green.
2) What did you eat for dinner last night?
3) If you could acquire any skill, what would it be?
-To not worry. 
4) What would you eat at your last meal, if you could choose?
-Mmmm ummmm probably a loaded baked potato with bacon-wrapped filet mignon... and strawberry lemonade :)
5) Are you afraid of anything?
-Being afraid of things make us human. (#philosophicalTaylortime)
6) What is one item on your bucket list (or anything you'd love to do)?
-To carve my name with someone's else's (hint hint husband where are you) into a tree somewhere... haha I don't know I just came up with that but it'd be cool.
7) If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be? (if anything)
-I answered this above somewhere...
8) If you could change one thing about your physical appearance, what would it be? (if anything)
9) Do you have a role model? If so, who?
-Answered this above...
10) Do you have a favorite blog or website? If so, what is it?
-POLYVORE AND TUMBLR AND I also check IMDb a lot... and Instagram... and lately thehostmovienews.com haha
11) Are your friends like you, or different than you?
-They range but my closer friends tend to be more like me than not. 

Pretty sure @elsewhere69 @frenchkitty @twobytwo @grace-girl and so many others did but hopefully you enjoy reading the answers I did answer <3

HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND EVERYONE! I probably won't be publishing another set until Monday or Sunday night after birthday festivities <3
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. all of your sets .

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United Colors of Polyvore

United Colors of Polyvore

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The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

So this is the official group. I will leave the other one up as an audition group in the case that we add more members down the road.
The icon and name are temporary. We'll decide on the name as a group, kk?
Same rules and general info apply as before:
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-I'll make each person a mod, so we can chat through announcements.
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♦ We will help each other by:
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-assisting in model searches [for rps or just general knowledge]
-fashion advice
-gushing over crushes together
-movie/book/music suggestions
-talk about obsessions [i.e.- The Hunger Games, Sherlock, even One Direction.]
-picture clipping
-just providing a listening ear
♦ Hating of any sort is not allowed. Cyber bullying is a no-no.
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-Naomi [thatporcelaindoll] 15 | NYC
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-Ella [istylista] 15 | NorCal
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Catwalk on the Street ღ

Catwalk on the Street ღ

"A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion"' - Coco Chanel.
Any kind of sets are welcome, especially the lunatic ones and with distinctive fashion :)




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Lately there have been so many summer contests. Well over here in Aussieland its freezing. Submit any set that resembles winter . Can be fashion, art etc. I also need a few styling tips to be ready for the chilly season :)
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