Like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and Vicodin, he's my addiction.

Manhattan’s Upper East Side is known for its rich, elite, and scandalous residents. Socialites, celebrities, and plain wealthy make up the widely known residents, but what happens when your neighbor isn’t who you think?

The Upper East Side is home to several of the world’s most notorious drug lords, gunrunners, mobsters, and even a few war lords. All of these men and women are indistinguishable from one another. They could be the hard working “lawyer” next door; they could be the wife of that elderly man with too much money.

As the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. In this case, the book just might not like it.
  • Mr. Nobody Red Carpet 66th Venice Film Festival
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    "Vitaly Fedak; 40, drug lord. Vitaly, yes /that/ Vitaly, is one of the most powerful drug lords in the city. 67% of all the drugs in circulation in the United States come from Vitaly. His parents were Ukrainian immigrants and he's always wanted to make" — @dark-blue-doll
    Actor Jared Leto attends the "Mr. Nobody" premiere at the Sala Grande during the 66th Venice Film Festival on September 11, 2009 in Venice, Italy.
  • Good and evil lay side by side.
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    "his parents proud by living the American dream. He's got the money, the notoriety,and the off and on trophy girl. He just doesn't tell them /how/ he got all of these things. In his opinion, they're better off not knowing. It's easier that way." — @dark-blue-doll
  • Jared Leto and Gerard Butler, Who's The (Hugo) Boss?
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    "Relationship Status: On and Off with Evodkiya. {Reserved by Riina. :)}" — @dark-blue-doll
  • Shannon Leto
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    "Grigor Fedak; 42, gunrunner. Grigor is Vitaly's older brother. The two couldn't be any more different. While his brother is cold and calculating, Grigor is a very pleasant person to be around. He's always making jokes and he never takes himself too" — @dark-blue-doll
  • Shannon Leto
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    "seriously. Unless, of course, it comes down to his business or his knowledge of his merchandise is questioned. Grigor is confident and easygoing and some people prefer him to his brother but even though he's older, he's always lived in Vitaly's shadow." — @dark-blue-doll
  • Shannon Leto
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    "Everything Grigor has ever wanted, Vitaly has taken. Now, he's looking to take it all back. Relationship Status: Single, sleeping around with whomever he chooses." — @dark-blue-doll
  • move your feet from hot pavement, into the grass
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    "Tom Blake; 25, mobster. Don't let Tom Blake's clean cut exterior fool you, this man can kill with almost any given object and not even flinch. He's one of the most ruthless and prosperous mobsters in the city. He's got connections almost everywhere and he" — @dark-blue-doll
  • joseph gordon levitt | Tumblr
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    "is never afraid to use them. Honestly, he's loving the life he's getting to lead. As a child, he wasn't very liked or very powerful. Now, he's loved and feared, two things he's always wanted." — @dark-blue-doll
  • The Girl in the Floral Skirt.
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    "Relationship Status: Single, too busy for commitment." — @dark-blue-doll
  • jake gyllenhaal | Tumblr
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    "Bryan Robbins; 30, war lord. Don't let that beautiful face and charming personality fool you. Bryan, much like Tom, is a ruthless and calculating man. Bryan was always interested in roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons and it was because he was" — @dark-blue-doll
  • Jake Gyllenhaal | Tumblr
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    "a great strategist. His strategies for war have helped many different countries win countless wars. He doesn't care who he's helping, as long as he's given fair warning to get out of dodge. He's the most sought after war lord and that's a pretty big deal." — @dark-blue-doll
  • jake gyllenhaal | Tumblr
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    "Too bad that's pretty much all he's got going on for him. The one girl he's had his eye on will never even look at him, no matter how much power he gains. Relationship Status: Hopelessly in love with Evodkiya. {Reserved by Riina. :)}" — @dark-blue-doll
  • Dave Franco
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    "Jamie Stevens; 21, drug dealer. Jamie is one of the youngest people in the game around here. He's a dealer, working for his older brother, and he's good at what he does. He's got the young, beautiful crowd wrapped around his little finger and he's not" — @dark-blue-doll
    Dave Franco World
  • dave franco | Tumblr
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    "quite willing to let them go. He's gotten in a bit of trouble, of course, for sleeping with minors, but he's been able to buy his way out of everything. He's sarcastic, fun to be around, and can make you buy just about anything. He's good at what he does," — @dark-blue-doll
  • Dave Franco by Terry Richardson
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    "he's just way too reckless. Relationship Status: Always looking for the next hookup." — @dark-blue-doll
  • Finding Franco
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    "Jordan Stevens; 33, drug lord. Jordan is second best to only Vitaly. He's a charming and intelligent man but he's a bit too enthused by several of his own products. Jordan is almost a career student. He's taught lectures at NYU, he's majored in English" — @dark-blue-doll
  • I'm jaded, stupid, and reckless;
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    "and the Arts, and he's even found time to shoot a few fashion films. He's a brilliant multi-tasker and no one can take that away from him. Luckily, no one in their right mind would ever dream of crossing him." — @dark-blue-doll
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    "Relationship Status: Too enthused with drugs to really care." — @dark-blue-doll

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